Wednesday, March 26, 2014

i was doing so well this year!

with the blogging, i mean. i'd been writing pretty consistently for a few months, but obviously i slacked a bit lately. 

i'm still working on the on-line business stuff.  making pouches, making plans for going to some markets/fairs later this year.  a lady i work with is doing some fundraising for race for the cure, and i donated a pouch because i figured it's both good karma and some advertising.  i need to make up some more stuff for my shop and then i might do some search ads on etsy for a week or two and see what happens.  i put a widget in my sidebar, if you are interested!

at the end of february, vincent wandered off.  it's been exactly a month since we saw him last, and i don't know what to say.  while i was out looking for him one afternoon a neighbor helpfully said, "yeah, cats don't do well outside here."  thanks, friend, why couldn't you have mentioned that sooner? he wasn't even a year old! we've looked in shelters and donated money (because seriously, good karma must come in handy sometime, right?!), been all over and around the neighborhood, and no sign of our sweet boy.  since then, tali's become much more friendly.  before, he was always a nice enough gato, but kind of aloof. he didn't cuddle much, and he spoke so rarely that it was always squeaky and funny like he had a frog in his throat. now he sleeps with me almost every night, talks up a storm, and demands lots of pets and cuddles.  this is him in his gato basket in the nook. he patiently naps while i sew, and gets up on occasion to jump on the table and demand some belly rubs.  i had always liked tali, but i'm pretty smitten with the boy now. needless to say, he is not allowed at night anymore. he also doesn't seem to want to go out as often anymore, or as far. i can't keep him inside all the time, that genie is out of the bottle, but i know that larger predatory animals prefer dusk and darkness, so he gets the lockdown during those times.  i feel like the world's worst cat mom for letting vincent out, even though he was usually only out for a bit and came right back. i miss my boy.
that got sad, sorry. you'll be pleased to know the nook is still tidy and in working condition. i finished the mystery quilt and it's totally amazing and i love it. the kids and are i going to the emerald city comicon this weekend (squeee!).  i'm still employed. my sister found out she's having a girl (so new niece on the way!).  it's not all sad around here, but i admit that this month had it's share of no bueno news.