Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i went out today to thin the dill, because HOLY SHIT the dill is getting out of control, and look at all the awesome stuff that was ready to be picked!  i thinned out the kale and carrots, so i have baby versions of those, i found a garlic some jackass animal dug up then abandoned, and in my compost bin i thing was growing so i pulled it up and what do you know?! baby red potatoes.  i'm sure my husband knew what was growing in there, and i wonder if he was waiting for them to mature a bit, but oops, i already yanked them out.  hooray! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


one of the women i work with is having a night out on the town tonight in honor of her birthday.  i have bought a new dress, a ridiculous hot pink pair of tights, and made a necklace to go with the whole thing.  i so rarely get dolled up, that on occasions like this it's fun to spend the day just preparing.  you know, hair in rag curlers, nails done, lipsticks considered (and always vetoed in favor of a lip stain because i won't wear it off as quickly), naps taken and big glasses of water ingested. just in case.  i don't plan on getting silly, but you never know.  in any case, i'm looking forward to the glam part of tonight, which i think stems from the fact that lately i've been watching a lot of videos of drags queens.  jinkx monsoon, in particular, i am in love with.  she's so thoughtful and articulate and lovely, and then she opens her mouth and sings!  i find myself totally smitten.  in honor of her ability to go from adorable boy to glamorous woman, i will put on eyeliner tonight, i will push the girls up in a good bra, and i will enjoy putting on a hyper-feminine costume.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

i'm that crazy cat lady

except i'm totally not, i swear!  the boys keep getting bigger and bigger.  we've had them for just a few days over a week now, and this is how big they've gotten.  so fast! they spent a few days checking things out, learning about litter boxes, and they've been off and running ever since.
it's hard to get a clear photo of them when they are doing anything but napping, but this one comes close.  the one on the bottom is tali (like tally), and the one on top is vincent, but we call him vince.  they are incredibly fun, needless to say.  my husband at first i think was a bit gun shy about getting two cats, but they have so much fun together! watching them careen throughout the house, knocking each other over, playing, then curling into a little ball of kitten fur is endlessly amusing.   plus, they honestly seem to like each other.  i mean, they tussle like tiny MMA fighters, but if you've found one, the other is right around the corner.
they are also both very sweet and loving.  when i get up in the morning, i come out to the downstairs den and they pop out from wherever they were hiding (right now it's under the couch, but soon they'll be too big for that), purring loudly and peeping, rubbing up against me for pets and loves.

it's not all kitten fun times around here, though.  school is winding down for the girlchild, and there's a more than good chance summer school is in her future.  i have a lot of anxiety about her starting high school in the fall, but i can only focus on now, so i try to keep the worry to a minimum.  as if trying to do that ever works.  the boychik has a job, and i think a new girl he's hanging out with.  he tried to convince me he went to see a will/jaden smith movie by himself this afternoon.  do i look retarded?! some plants died in my garden (i planted them too early) but luckily it's only really getting warm now so i can just plant some more.  new job and life stress is making my eczema just blossom (hoo-fucking-ray!), but i figure itchy is okay.  i can handle itchy.  overall, things are good but busy, and it will be awesome when these boys figure out pooping outside.  litter boxes: making rooms smell like pee since forever.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

boys boys boys

they loved the girlchild right away
 well, we did it!  my dream of kittens has finally come true.  they were picked out of a litter of five; all the others were lovely grey kittens, two of them with tiger stripes.  these two, though, were already pals and well bonded to each other.  when talking about getting a new cat, we all agreed that we have the space for two, and we wanted them to have a playmate and friend.  it's even better that they're brothers! 
 we have their names kind of tentatively picked out. i've always liked the name vincent for a black cat because he can be named after vince noir and vincent price that way.  and we can call him "vincey princey."the girlchild likes the name tali, and the kitten with the curly tail will likely be named that.  it's hard to pick out the right cat name!  so we're taking our time.  their names may change, we'll see. 
it's been hard to leave the house this weekend, because when they aren't busy being sleepy dolls, they are busy tearing around the house, making tiny meows, head booping us and climbing everyone like mountains.  i already love these little stinkers, even if i have to clean up poop!