Sunday, June 02, 2013

boys boys boys

they loved the girlchild right away
 well, we did it!  my dream of kittens has finally come true.  they were picked out of a litter of five; all the others were lovely grey kittens, two of them with tiger stripes.  these two, though, were already pals and well bonded to each other.  when talking about getting a new cat, we all agreed that we have the space for two, and we wanted them to have a playmate and friend.  it's even better that they're brothers! 
 we have their names kind of tentatively picked out. i've always liked the name vincent for a black cat because he can be named after vince noir and vincent price that way.  and we can call him "vincey princey."the girlchild likes the name tali, and the kitten with the curly tail will likely be named that.  it's hard to pick out the right cat name!  so we're taking our time.  their names may change, we'll see. 
it's been hard to leave the house this weekend, because when they aren't busy being sleepy dolls, they are busy tearing around the house, making tiny meows, head booping us and climbing everyone like mountains.  i already love these little stinkers, even if i have to clean up poop! 

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