Saturday, June 15, 2013


one of the women i work with is having a night out on the town tonight in honor of her birthday.  i have bought a new dress, a ridiculous hot pink pair of tights, and made a necklace to go with the whole thing.  i so rarely get dolled up, that on occasions like this it's fun to spend the day just preparing.  you know, hair in rag curlers, nails done, lipsticks considered (and always vetoed in favor of a lip stain because i won't wear it off as quickly), naps taken and big glasses of water ingested. just in case.  i don't plan on getting silly, but you never know.  in any case, i'm looking forward to the glam part of tonight, which i think stems from the fact that lately i've been watching a lot of videos of drags queens.  jinkx monsoon, in particular, i am in love with.  she's so thoughtful and articulate and lovely, and then she opens her mouth and sings!  i find myself totally smitten.  in honor of her ability to go from adorable boy to glamorous woman, i will put on eyeliner tonight, i will push the girls up in a good bra, and i will enjoy putting on a hyper-feminine costume.


kc said...

aaaah I LOVE Jinkx! :D

amanda said...
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