Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas kids!

no fancy cards this year, no tree, not even a good christmas photo to post. it's been great so far, though. the fisherman was going to go to montana, but his plans fell through so i get to have him here for the holiday. our apartment is still very sparsely furnished (two camp chairs and an air mattress, jealous?) but it is still ours. we might not have much but nothing is in hock, bills are getting paid, and i get to go home at night and make-out with my favorite boy. things are good.

watching my niece spazz out on presents and hear her seriously intone "ho ho ho" when you ask her what santa says is pretty fucking awesome. there is plenty of delicious food at my folks and i can do my laundry here for free! i am getting some presents which makes me feel grateful because honestly, this year i just couldn't afford them. my job is still fun, and i'm getting more hours, so no complaints there. well, some complaints, but mostly petty ones about people being assholes in public.

we still have no internet, but i just got a library card and they have it there. i promise to post more soon, and even include some photos. i hope you guys have a merry christmas and all that jazz! kwanza! late hanukkah! new year! happy holidays to everyone, and to everyone a good night.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the boat sank

red chair, originally uploaded by pinprick.

just last week the fisherman and i got word that the boat we lived on this summer sank. he spent almost a year of his life on that boat, and without it we wouldn't have met. she was a good boat, a solid boat, and to be perfectly honest i don't think she just sank. the captain was in some financial shit he didn't want to work through, he stiffed everyone who worked on the boat this summer, and talked about sinking that boat more than once. i think he sent her to her watery grave, and that makes me sad. someone else could have turned that boat around, but he took the easy cowardly way out and probably stands to get a whole lot of insurance money. none of which any of us he owes will see.

in better news, we got the apartment! we move in on friday, so no more cheap hotels and random sleep-overs for us. i will now be a resident of anacortes, which makes me super happy. i've always wanted to live there, and our place is in a good spot; right off the main drag without being too far off the beaten path. i got to see it the other day and it was as cute as the fisherman said it was (he did all the leg work on this one). for a one bedroom it's huge, too. i can't wait to move in. the place i set up for us to stay at while he was here was pretty much a huge mistake on my part. i hadn't spent any time at this house and just knew i liked the kids who lived there a lot, i didn't really see how it could go wrong. until we go there, of course, and realized it was a filthy hole, no better than a squat. swarms of flies, trash that had been sitting for weeks, dishes covered in mold. it looked like some place i would have lived in during my youth, but at some point i got a hell of a lot more responsible and cannot live with that smell anymore. to say the place is totally gross would be an understatement. having our own place is going to kick ass!

the past few weeks have been crazy. i'm ready to be in my own place, making my own little nest again, but i miss my family and especially the baby. the last time i saw her she jumped up at me and was all kissy and huggy, and when i asked her if she missed me she said, "yeah!" my little brother (my folk's dog) is also really sick; he was recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and has a year left, if all goes well. he's skinny skinny on top, with a hugely swollen belly, the result of fluid in his abdomen. it's an odd sight. he can't eat any protein anymore, so no good doggy treats and he's eating some weird science-food out of a can. he seems just as perky as ever, though, and not in much pain. i love the little asshole, and have been trying to come home to hang out with him more. he might be a dick sometimes and pee on my stuff to make a point, but he's also super cuddly and sweet and as much as i hate to admit it, he really is my little brother.

ups and downs, ups and downs. i think all decembers are like this, don't you?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

oh, hi!

holiday motel, originally uploaded by pinprick.

since the fisherman arrived in town we've been living like nomads out of the back of my car. staying with friends or at hotels, going out a lot, trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible. we're not sure if he goes back this week or next or even next month, the plan keeps changing.

thanksgiving was fun and i think my family liked him. we went down to oregon and he got to meet my nephews, which was funny. tiernan's never met a boyfriend of mine, and every now and then he had to point out to ed that i was his aunt amanda, which was the sweetest thing ever. i got to meet the newest member of the family, cohen, who is impossibly cute and smells delicious. we went to an awesome wedding, we went to the coast of oregon, we even got to go up to mount hood. we've crammed a hell of a lot of stuff into a short amount of time.

hopefully soon we'll be settled in our own apartment (we've got a lead on one that i am in love with, which makes me nervous that i'm jinxing it, but i can't help but say how much i love it), and i'll have regular access to the internet and a bathroom of my own, at which point in time i will be the happiest girl alive. all this moving around is sort of fun, but also tiring. i miss the baby. not seeing my niece every day is sort of sucky. it would be easier if i had a place and then knew on my days off i could come and see her.

there's my week in a nutshell! it's been awesome and strange and at times totally stressful (not having out own place is hard, and probably the one thing we fight about), but i wouldn't trade it for anything. i promise to give more details soon!