Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i totally agree with you; beer in the bath rules. it's like relaxation somehow found a way to be even better! also, eggs are my friends.
i am beginning to dread the unpacking now. part 2 in my saga of pain!
my lunch was almost entirely dairy based. yay!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i am undecided: is having a beer in the bath fabulous or pathetic? the packing is done, my butt hurts, and a beer bath sounds great.
i am so tired i feel hungover! i will be so glad when this is over.

i'm packing up the computer

small tear by my eye. go watch this!

it cracked me up, mainly because um...well, i'm friends with that type of pill.

sleep is for the weak! i went to bed at 2, got up at 8 (it was too cold to sleep) and i'm already at the apartment ready to pack up a load before work. can i get a witness?
the more i think about it, the more i think i will have to make 2 trips to the apt today. damn.

Monday, January 29, 2007

my room looks huge when it's empty

slowly but surely! almost done! okay, not almost. what's close to almost? further along? that's me. further along. i'm hoping to fill the car to the brim and not have to come back, but i doubt that. i bet tomorrow morning or afternoon i'll have one more load to fill. as long as it's all ready to go, i'm okay.

moving is stressful. work is also stressful. coming from one to the other sucks. i'm going to order a pizza, do some vaccuuming, dusting, bleaching, scrubbing, packing more stuff in boxes. more stuff! how did i get all this stuff? how much of it can i throw away?

oddly enough, because it's thisclose to deadline, i feel energized and ready to get shit done. say that last part like randy savage and growl, okay? say it with me, i'm going to get shit done! whoo! no really, i am. if i don't, my roommate's might skin me alive and feast on my innards. i wouldn't blame them.

i slept in the closet last night

and honestly, i might sleep there forever. it's a big closet, with plenty of room for my air mattress, a tiny lamp and all my clothes. plus, there's a built-in shelf in there where i can keep all my books and stuff. then, with the main room i'll use my futon as a couch, set up my computer desk and my sewing table, a tv/dvd player and all my crafty stuff. then i can lounge and watch movies without doing it from my bed, and then chances are i'll nap less. if i get to jonesing a big bed for sleeping, i can pull it out.

it's just an idea for now. i'm going to try it and see how i like it. moving sucks. moving into someone else's house also sucks. last night i basically got reprimanded like a teenager and had to spend a whole lot of time listening to the rules of the house. i know i'm the third wheel, the interloper, the cheese that stands alone and i'm pretty okay with that for the most part; but spending a large amount of time explaining to me how i need to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is insulting. i've lived with these people for over a year now, and for the sake of clarity, i always rinse dishes before putting them in the washer. that's how i was raised. (actually, we never had a dishwasher growing up, but the first time i got one i thought that's how it was done so i started rinsing then and never stopped!) i feel tense and tired and the vents to my room from the furnace weren't opened, and i woke up freezing and i feel like i'll never warm up. on the upside, i have a bathtub and i bought some mr. bubble and had myself a good long soak. no matter where i live from now on, i'm insisting on a bathtub. i also need a cup of coffee now and a bagel. internet service for the next week is going to be choppy; i can post and read emails from my phone though, so don't go into hiding. i need someone to talk to and some interruptions. that's your cue, baby.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

a lot was accomplished today

i still have to clean my bathroom and get my shelves and one little table out of here (and my computer!) but i got a lot of stuff moved out of my apartment and into the new house. one of the garages is almost totally full with my boxes, and i'm actually kind of looking forward to going through them and setting my new room up. while packing this one up i thought about what a shame it is i'm not tidier; i had a very cute room here that i did nothing with. that will be different at my next place, promise.

i'm exhausted. for some reason i thought i could finish it all today, and perhaps if i weren't so tired i could, but the fact is i'm going to have to come back tomorrow night and probably tuesday to finish up. that's okay with me. right now i'm going to target to get a new bathmat for my bathroom and then i'm going to unpack some stuff.

did i mentioned i'm tired? damn. moving is hard work.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

the worst thing about fighting w/ my sister is not being able to call her & tell her how you can mix whiskey w/ monster!
i can hardly wait for the hannibal movie. who's coming w/me?

things that help with moving:

  1. getting a whole bunch of stuff out of the house. not only did i get stuff out of my way, but i got to see the house again, and HOLY SHIT it's huge. huge and beautiful and open and comfy. plus i got to see my favorite kitten-face, and she seemed as happy to see me as i was her.
  2. lo-carb monster. don't judge me.
  3. streaming episodes of this american life.
  4. i read about this poor kitten, and gave a little money. it wasn't much, but if anything ever happened to aria i would hope people would help out. i'm sure it's gauche to actually say that giving money made me feel good, but whatever. tigger looks like a nice cat and i'm happy to help.
  5. pizza from pulcinella. damn i love that pizza. it's going to suck to not be able to order it out in mead!


i bought a few things yesterday that made me happy, so i thought i would share. a little internet shopping helps me digest the idea of moving.

cute new hair clips courtesy thea starr. i'm telling you this not because i'm biased (thea rules, it's true), but in all honesty every single thing i've ever ordered from thea has been ridiculously cute and wonderful and well-made. getting ready to cut my hair means getting my hair accessories in order. it also eases the pain of waiting for my goddamn bangs to finally be long enough to pin to the side. i got the sparrow bobby pins, and the yellow and red stars. although now that i think about it, maybe i should have also gotten the pink and red ones....

and i was lucky enough to snatch up two joe the egg paintings from mr. goodsell's etsy shop. i felt greedy taking both of the ones up this morning, but i bet you couldn't have resisted either. i'm going to put them in gold frames to go with all the other wonderful things i have framed also in gold. i'm thinking of grouping them all together above my bed in the new place, as a sort of painted substitute for a headboard.

spent all last night actually packing, went to bed at 2 and was up at 8! all by myself too, no alarm clocks. it was supposed to snow tomorrow, but it started today, which is kind of annoying. i mean, i love the snow, i'm happy it's here, but did it have to show up on a day when i'd planned on being in and out of the house a lot? plus, now i get the added stress of trying not to bite it while trasferring boxes from the house to the car. whoo! moving rules.

Friday, January 26, 2007

i can't do it! i don't want to do it! don't make me do it!

god, i am going to bitch and piss and moan and thrash about until this entire moving ordeal is over. even i am sick of my whining.

moving makes me sad, even when i want to go. sad makes me sleepy. sleepy makes me even slower than usual, and my own mother calls me "mattress ass." if i get any slower i'll melt into the carpet itself.

i've had two and a half giant caffeinated drinks and still i could take a nap. i came home and chugged half a rockstar and then snoozed for forty-five minutes. my superpower truly is laziness. someone make me a cape out of blue terry cloth, backed in velour, lined with an electric blanket so i can take my extraordinary sleeping-under-duress act on the road! funny how i go either way; i either stop sleeping or do it in excess. insomnia or narcolepsy, no in-between.

i'm going to listen to my favorite guilty pleasure, jesus jones*, and try to get stuff done. maybe the last half of the current energy drink in my hand will perk me up.

*you can make fun of that, i do. i can't help that i like them, and i'm over being embarrassed by it. once a dork, always a dork.
dear egg & potato burritto, i love you. love, amanda

Thursday, January 25, 2007


and while that's helping me get stuff done, i think my heart might pound it's way out of my chest, fall into a box that i will continue to fill and then i'll spend all morning tomorrow trying to find it before i head to work. also, my palms are sweaty.

i'm going to switch to beer now, so that at some point tonight i'll sleep. kids, don't try this at home.

above is a photo i ran into while putting things away; it's me and my dad, in college. i have to admit, we are cute.

p.s. got 6 boxes packed up! i could do more, but to be honest i'm beginning to crash. i have 6 days left, and that's a lot of days. tomorrow night i start getting stuff out of the house, then i have the whole weekend off. although no one is going to be surprised if i take a bit longer to get out, i still have a sneaking suspicion my dragging feet annoys one of my roommates. i don't think it's necessarily that i'm in her way, or impeding her move (she's all out!), but i think my complete inability to ask for help of any kind is irritating her. i just don't want to impose, you know? plus, i'm slow and like to move at my own pace. little bursts of energy, spread out over time. i could use a hand, i admit. more than anything i just need someone to do the whole, "put that in here, and that over there, and this in the trash." hey dave, want to come over?
sometimes i hate my job, then sometimes a really nice, lovely person w/ great stories comes in, and then it doesn't even feel like work.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

you should rue the day i discovered how to send posts from my cellphone

mainly because that means i can blog all day at work, but the posts will be tiny, boring, pointless, and often poorly punctuated.

i found my favorite show ever on tv tonight, blue planet, the deep edition. ever since i was a kid and saw giant sea turtles i've been kind of obsessed about the parts of the ocean we don't normally get to see. if anything spurred my love of cephalopods, it was this film. one look at the dumbo octopus and i was hooked. seeing it made me shiver with the creeps while wanting to hug it at the same time. i even took up oil painting again so i could have one in my room all the time. i painted the very one in the movie, and seeing it again tonight made me remember that first time. i have to buy that movie so i can watch it all the time. (although when i do see it i wonder who did the sound effects for it; i know that a lot of the "sounds" in the film were generated afterward and sometimes i watch it on mute because of that.) i forgot how much i love the anglers; they look like fat, disembodied heads wiggling through the water. ungainly and funny, while seriously freaky with their huge teeth and jaws. deep sea animals bring out the best and worst in me; i'm amazed by their lives, their resourcefulness, the way they live in a part of the world that seem like the least hospitable place on earth, and at the same time they freak me out, make my skin crawl and give me nightmares. it's remarkable how they can be so beautiful and hideous at the same time.

seven days left to finish packing. yesterday was a total bust, and i have a feeling today will be too. work has been long and draining; i've spent many hours on the phone trying to resolve customer issues, been yelled at more than i like, and the talking! my god, i come home some nights resolving to become mute. all that incessant small talk kills me. that combined with a very special time of the month that most of the women in the world have to deal with makes me very, very sleepy. i feel like tomorrow i'll get my groove back on, and then start with the real work of relocating my things. tonight, it's more of the simpsons and one more beer before bed. if you have any helpful tips or hints for how i can get more done, please feel free to leave them. of course if it's nothing but "put shit in boxes" advice, be warned i will come and burn down your house! i know how it's supposed to work, just not why i should have to do it.
i kind of feel like i'm camping in my apartment. that makes me want a hot dog.
they should figure out a way of combining beer and energy drinks. wait-that's sparks! i should have picked one of them up on my way home.
i was so lazy, so tired, last night that i fell asleep during futurama and didn't brush my teeth! tonight, remind me to work twice as hard.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

as much as i should be packing, i really just want to drink beer & veg on the air mattress. looong day at work.
auditors at work means work today sucks even more. i know you are jealous of my job.

Monday, January 22, 2007

too many movies in the world exist that star eddie murphy AND eddie murphy.

fluffy, fluffy, fluf

since i am supposed to be packing this week, be prepared for an avalanche of blog posts. sure, i don't have anything particularly interesting to say, but it's better than hunting for newspaper to wrap stuff up in!

i mentioned i realized later today that the snippet of song i heard earlier this morning was fluf, and then i found this site with some clips of their music on it. you should go listen to one or two, especially the clip for the song sticky buns (also recommended is their version of pj harvey's sheela-na-gig!). it might not mean much to you, but for me hearing those songs instantly transported me to my senior year in high school, and the year right after that, in just about the best way possible. although i do feel like hunting down a vanilla-roma airfreshner and painting my fingernails black. here is a photo from said era to make you laugh:
you can't see it in this photo, but right behind us is a huge poster for the smith's album the queen is dead. this is one of my ex's and i, in the first apartment friends of ours owned. on the island most of us lived with our parents until our 20's, so this was huge. we used to drink giant boxes of pink wine and smoke generic cigarettes we bought on base for $9 a carton. that sweater my sister and i used to argue over all the time, and i think i still own it. we'll see if i find it when i pack. who wants to come over and help? scared, are ya? lily-livered chickens!
it was a fluf song! the second i get home i'm digging that album out. took me long enough to figure it out.

"it's all right, it's okay"

i woke up this morning confused by all the sun, then realized i was sleeping upstairs, above ground, for the first time in a long time and hey! when the sun comes up it's brighter! this piece of a song was (is) stuck in my head, and i've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it is.

"it's all right, it's okay; it's all right, it's okay," it's a jaunty little part of the song, and i'm sure i have the rest of it stored somewhere in my brain, but separated from context i cannot figure out what it is. i have narrowed it down to a song from sometime in the mid to late 90's; around the time i graduated from high school, 1995. i can very clearly remember the perfume i wore then (amber oil), a few of my favorite sweaters (including one beautiful orange wool cardigan that i got rid of a few years ago in a mass purging, although i did keep one of the buttons from it), how my hair was cut (shorter), the bobby pins i used to wear in it (butterflies and hearts and stars oh my!), and the group of kids i was hanging out with (oak harbor kids, mostly). it's all there! i remember singing along to this song in the car, and i feel like it might have been a local band from seattle that sang it, but i can't figure out who.

it's making me crazy. a part of me suspects it's a phish song, buried deep in my subconscious, but i tried googling it and came up with nothing. does any of this ring a bell with you?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

why i think i love snowy days

because either consciously or subconsciously (or both) they remind me of dark rainy days back home. as much as the constant dark and doom and gloom used to get to me i miss it. it's true that february would suck until the sun started coming out, and that january and feburary tended to be my darkest months emotionally, but shaking out of it in march was delightful. i get just as sick as the interminable sun out here, because i am bored easily.

in other news, i think it is possible to drink enough caffeine to make me sleepy, and i am hoping not to be outbid on these shoes again. i think i've put up as much as i'm going to on these, but i might go higher. they are too cute. i need another new pair of shoes like i need to gain 15 pounds, but i want them. with the right tights and skirt i'll be the cutest nerd at work!
this stalling is getting pathetic.


broke into energy drink #2 today. i'm surprised i only drank one yesterday, but seeing as how i couldn't sleep until 4 this morning i'd say that was a wise choice.

boxes in my room. sitting with their mouths open like hungry baby birds, pissed that my cds are still strewn all over the floor and that there are still books on the shelves. shut up boxes, or no dinner for you.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

another intermission

the house is full of dust, my glasses were covered in it, and i'm sneezing like you wouldn't believe. my hair is a giant braided rat's nest, although oddly enough my room is cleaner now than it has been in months.

the purging part of packing is wonderful. i forget about that. also wonderful: energy drinks. it's a good thing i didn't grow up with them, i would have been impossible. more wonderful: loud hip hop music. i actually do feel like getting stuff done!

however, i have to do my secret boyfriend saturday post! i still haven't done one this year, and that's just not cool.

this week's entry will be short but sweet and to the point.

i had a very sexy dream about this man earlier this week.
first things first: he cooks. he cooks well. and he does without so much of the pretension that seems to pervade chefs. he's not interested in your adoration as much as he loves cooking and making the perfect meal. okay, he likes the attention too. can you blame him? also, look: he's eating my favorite animal.
he's a writer as well, and a damn good one. everything of his i've read i've found totally engrossing, funny, sarcastic, witty, and dead sexy. i think it's the swagger he has, both on page and off that makes him so attractive to me. it's that surety he has about himself that i can't get enough of.
he loves to travel. more than that, he seems to share my own feelings about travel, which is a very "when in rome..." attitude. who knows, maybe that's just his television persona but it feels very genuine. i have very little patience for people who look at what the locals eat and turn up their noses, and know more than a few people who won't eat anything but american-ized fare when they travel. plus, he hates woody harrelson and his raw food bullshit as much as i do! knowing that he's a man i could sit down and eat fois gras, spicy beef tendon, or squid with makes me totally hot.

anthony bourdain, if you ever come to colorado and want to make out, look me up. congratulations on being the first secret boyfriend of 2007!

the kitten is moved

dammit. i wasn't in such a rush to get out of here, but i won't lie: without aria to distract me, i might get done packing and moving sooner rather than later. i miss her already!

OMG i don't want to pack

i mean it, i don't! it's now 1 in the afternoon and i've totally squandered the morning away and i want to put off packing for one more day but dammit i only have ten days left here and if i don't start now i am going to be sad.

packing, i hate you. new house, you better be worth it.

please come over and distract me while i work. it's the only way i get anything done. you can sit on the bed, drink coffee and point at shit and tell me to just throw it away already. i will buy liquor if you want! oh god, just don't make me do this alone!

whew, i feel better now. more coffee, and i'm ready to go. wish me luck.

if you had all the money in the world...

is a game we've been playing at work a lot lately. when it's slow we lean up against the counters or lounge in chairs plotting how we would use our money if it was limitless. we only have one computer at work that can go on-line, so sometimes we punctuate the loafing with gathering around the one screen when someone shows us what exactly they're talking about. the boys tend to show us cars they love, i have to explain what a yurt is, while someone else shows us the website for some exotic island. when customers come in we all stop, but once they're gone we launch back into it like they were never there.

aside from paying off bills/loans, and issues with taxes, when we get down to the details that's when it gets the most fun. a lot of us would travel, but we do it all in different ways. i want to buy a tiny rv, or an airstream trailer, and drive all over the country for a while. J wants to fly, first class, everywhere. some of us pick different transportation for different legs of our trip, since really, no matter how much i might want to i can't drive to europe. for that i want to take a cruise to get there. a nice, long time at sea laying in the sun and reading books sounds like the perfect way to get there. it's kind of a like a palette cleanser between america and europe. it's not that i don't like planes, i enjoy them, but i love road trips better. i like to see what i go through to get to where i'm going. flying from the east coast to the west coast is like magic, and you lose a sense of just how big the country is when you zoom over it. in a car you see all the states you pass through and the world feels bigger.

not having to work again is tempting, but as much as i moan and bitch about hating it, i do kind of like the structure work gives my life. i would probably get a part-time job doing something fun like making coffee or working in a bookstore. for a while we talked about what kinds of businesses we'd start and i wavered between wanting a bar, a yarn shop, or a bookstore. maybe even a mix of the three. most of us wouldn't work at all, but i don't know that i'd ever get out of bed if i didn't have to be someplace, and that someplace is usually (always) work. plus, if i lost my main complaint in life, what would i bitch about? how hard it is to find good help? how the newest louis vuitton collection doesn't come in red? man, i would really be a jerkface then.

i love this game, even if it does make my everyday life pale in comparison. if i ever do run into a shitload of money i'll know exactly what to do with it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

i want more snow!

so i can put off packing, and just keep knitting all weekend. bring it on, clouds!
if you had all the money in the world, won a crazy big lottery or something, what would you do?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I just got to work, and i'm totally ready to go home!

Monday, January 15, 2007

axe confession

i love the scent of axe. this photo sums up my love perfectly (and makes me wonder the same thing; who sold us out?). i love the scent of most boy things; old spice, cool water, mint chew, anything heady and spicy. my favorite thing to do is find a good looking boy who smells delicious and follow him around. my first serious boyfriend wore aspen, and way too much of it. i was putty in his hands and doomed from that moment forward.

however, sometimes i do not have a handsome man that smell good nearby. i know, total shock, right? when that happens, i buy a small bottle of axe shower gel, or suave shampoo for men, or men's shave gel. is it weird for a girl to smell like a boy? the way i see it, if men like the scent enough to wear it themselves, i should be okay occasionally donning it as well. plus, everytime i walk into my bathroom it smells just like cute boy, and i love that.

i smell like axe right now. specifically, axe snake peel. my skin is soft and exfoliated, and i smell wonderful.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

stupid ass

i love most of adult swim, but i freaking hate assy mcgee. i mean, i totally hate it. i put up with it for the whole fifteen minutes it's on in between other shows i like, but i haven't warmed up to it at all. that ass annoys the hell out of me. i want to burn that ass' house down! stupid, mumbling, farting ass cartoon! i almost hate it as much as i hate anime, and i hate anime down in the deepest, darkest part of my soul. that's saying a lot.

also, right now on the fix is aqua teen hunger force's the clowning. please go watch it. it never fails to crack me up, out loud, at lunch, where my co-workers then make fun of me.

another lazy snow day

last night at the store i bought three of these doubleshots, in the hopes that today i would drink them all up and get shit done. there is something so motivating about coffee in a can--i think it might be the secret blend of caffeine and sugar, or else the small amount of cocaine in the bottom of the can. in any case, i've had two and still have very little to show for it. i'm hoping once i dive into can three i'll be up, up and away.

i did get some cooking done, which was pretty satisfying. since we're getting ready to move the emphasis has been on finding stuff in the cupboard and making it into dinner. well, i've been relying on that and take-out pizza. it amazes me what you can do with some cans, some frozen stuff, and some dried stuff, though. today i baked brown rice in the oven using this recipe, adding some chopped carrots to the mix. it turned out amazing: better than any brown rice i've ever had. (however, i would advise those of you living at higher altitudes, like myself, to add a bit more water, mine stuck a bit.) then i put some lentils and more chopped carrots in a pot on the stove, used some chicken stock hiding in the back of my cupboard, along with a little water, and slowly simmered that for about 45 minutes. then i added some partially thawed broccoli, a handful of cherry tomatoes, lots of spices (curry, tumeric, ginger, salt and pepper), and let it cook until the rice was done. yes, it is a very happy hippy meal, but it is also very tasty. lately if it's curried, i'll eat it. i wish i were better at making up my own curries, but i'll have to experiment with that more when we move and have a real pantry for me to fill up.

two more weeks in this apartment, then it's off to the new place. i'm looking forward to it, but not so much to the actual moving part. at this point a lot of my stuff is doomed, headed for the dump! the only stuff i'm moving is the important stuff, the stuff i can't live without. i'd like to start all clean and fresh, like i meant to when i moved here to start with. it's true i have a lot less now than i did then, but i could pare it down even further.

also, since my sister and i are fighting and she has my camera's battery charger there's a good chance all you'll be seeing for a while are stupid cameraphone photos. i asked her today to send me the charger, but depending on how much she hates me it might be a while. i was going to just buy a new one, but they are $40. i'll endure her wrath a bit longer before breaking down and buying one. having siblings is just so great!
i LOVE snow. i also love snow days spent on the couch w/ the kitten & some knitting.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

it is seriously cold in colorado today.

snowy snow snow

when i got up this morning the sky was clear and blue and cold, but now the clouds have blanketed everything and i suspect what the weathermen said about more snow might be true. which means i should run the very few errands i have right now, before it starts and everyone decides to run theirs.

i have been knitting a lot of those super easy, fun, colorful bibs from mason-dixon knitting. i've knit so many of them at this point (finishing number four today!) that i don't even need the pattern anymore. they are such a fun project to work on, and as much as i love to actually knit, i also love it when the end result is so damn practical. right now i'm just playing with colors and striping patterns, before i dive into this video. i'm still waiting on some wool from knitpicks to arrive, and just yesterday i discovered the needles and such i'd ordered from joann's were supposedly delivered about five days ago. that would be great, if i'd ever actually gotten them. i'm still waiting on an email from the shipping department to tell me what the hell happened. being that i'm sort of suspicious by nature i'm wondering if someone didn't see the box on my front stoop and swipe it. although i've had lots of boxes on my front stoop and none of them were stolen. i'm not sure what to think, but i'm irritated that i don't have what i need to start work on some new projects. thankfully the mindless garter stitch of those baby bibs is soothing. i'll have photos of the bibs later, which reminds me that i need to order another charger for my camera's battery. i left mine at my sister's and we are having one hell of a fight right now, so i don't think i'll be seeing it any time soon. dammit.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

oh my gosh, did you know you can actually pick up pizza instead of having it delivered? i just blew my own mind!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i like to shake my fist

here is a list of things i am unhappy about, in no particular order:
  1. my bangs are entering the very seriously dorky phase. not long enough to do anything with, but too long for my taste. i look like a dumb, chubby version of xena, the warrior princess. i want it to be longer! so i can cut the rest shorter! why is this taking so long?
  2. i'm feeling very frustrated lately about how almost all kiddie/baby gear is so gender biased. finding anything neutral and cute is practically impossible, and when you do find stuff that could be for either girls or boys, it tends to be covered with cartoon characters or corporate logos. i don't want any of the kids i know and love to be reduced to tired stereotypes or shills for big companies. i know when baby was born we were excited about being able to buy her pink things, but along with the cute pink things are a lot of bright, happy, primary colors and an excess of black. a little pink and blue is okay, but doesn't anyone else get tired of all the same old baby crap? it's a good thing i can sew and knit, because honestly i want to rage against the corporate machine that indoctrinates our kids before they can even focus their eyes.
  3. the broken window in my car is going to cost more than i expected to fix, but it has to be done. i don't want the snow to show up and ruin my interior!
  4. packing is killing me. which is funny, because truth be told i have yet to pack anything. right now i am still in the planning stage. this involves lots of list making, napping, hoarding boxes, and saving my strength for the actual work part of it. it's important work, really.
things that make life bearable:
  1. the new margaret atwood book i got for christmas. i'm loving it. granted, i'm kind of a big fan of hers to start with, but i love how smart and sharp her writing is. it gets fussy sometimes wtihout feeling pretentious. some authors use big words to show you how genius they are, but i always feel like she just really likes words.
  2. this video of tom waits i found today at lunch. my goodness; i think he's a handsome man now, but he was extra foxy then. his new album is huge, and i'm still wading through it, but every day i find something new i like about it.
  3. making cute baby clothes for cute babies. even if i never, ever, ever have any of my own, there will be a lot of my baby clothes out there.
  4. things being finalized in the new house. i know i've said this before but i am very excited to live in a real, grown-up house. it's true i'll be there as a somewhat interloper, as always, but being the roommate of grown-ups in a grown-up house will be a fun thing. that and i'll get a corner of the basement set up with my big art/craft/sewing table, and i like having my sleeping area seperate from my working area. i think i get more done that way.
  5. finding weird things in the cabinet and making a delicious dinner out of them. one of the fun things about moving is using up the pantry and figuring out how to make dinner out of them. tonight i made curried chickpeas, cauliflower (frozen), and tomato over rice. very, very nice.
sometimes i hate the elderly. which is probably why they always hate me. at a certain age, you should let your kids pick out your cell phone!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

cleaning and packing

are what's on the agenda today for my roommate's. it's true we move out in about three weeks and that i should adopt their agenda and go about cleaning, organizing, packing, but what i really want to do today is watch spongebob squarepants and knit, while eating ramen right out of the package. three weeks is a long time! i have plenty of time to pack! also, we all know i don't feel particularily motivated before three or four in the afternoon. ergo, i suck. i want to get some stuff done today, but more than that i want to lounge. i'm going to compromise with myself and lounge for a bit more and then do a few productive things.

zombie movies and breakfast are also a winning combination. just so you know. also, i think i forgot to tell you that secret boyfriend saturday was taking a short break, but will be back this next weekend! i was taking a holiday break, but during that time i added quite a few more tasty boys to the list, so be ready.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beer + zombie movies = a good sat night!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

it's supposed to snow today

i don't think it will, though. the sky is all clear and cloud-free. i don't know much, but i know you need clouds for snow.

i'm going down to the craft store because i can't stop knitting right now. i've been toying with the idea of creating a separate knitting-only blog so that for those of you who get bored to death with those posts won't have to see them, then i realized everyone in my real life has to deal with my knitting, so why should you be excluded? if my roommate's have to live with baskets of yarn everywhere, point protectors, needles, scraps of yarn and patterns all over the house, then you can read about it sometimes. plus, as much as i like knitting blogs, i like blogs that are more about all the different aspects of people's lives, and it just happens that right now i'm going through a knitting phase.

oh! i got an email from a very nice lady the other day saying that the journal she works for wants to use one of my photos for the cover of their next publication! it's not a great picture of mine, but i'm still sort of excited. i'm going to try to find a better version of it they can use today, after i get home from my crafty excursion. i'll tell you more about it this afternoon! no more procrastinating in front of the computer.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am full of rage! Shooting lasers out of my eyes!
Remember the girl i was telling you about @ work? The one who comes back to work bitchy after her day off? Today she is in RARE form.

Monday, January 01, 2007

very superstitious

i was raised haphazardly catholic; meaning i love statues and holy cards and glow-in-the-dark rosaries, know a little about some of the saints, have a general understanding of how the papacy works, but beyond that i'd say i'm less religious and more superstitious. and boy am i ever superstitious. for the most part i'd say i'm reasonable and we all know i'm a big fan of science, but at the same time i'm always seeing signs and portents everywhere. a good parking spot at the grocery store means happy shopping and good sales. my favorite song on the radio when i wake up means i'm going to have a good day. i don't step on cracks, i'm constantly throwing salt over my shoulder, i don't fly before making the sign of the cross and asking god not to let the plan crash and burn, and when the clock is all the same number (1:11, 3:33, etc) i make a wish. science is great, but i can't pass up on wishes.

that said, the first day of the new year hold a lot of superstitious potential. everything that happens today could mean good things or bad things for the new year. work was pretty good, i actually sold a lot of stuff, so i'm going to take that to mean this year my work/money situation will sort itself out. while today is an important day to look for signs, it's not the be all, end all. i mean, pretty much this whole week might foretell what the year has in store for me. which makes the following little story about my day troubling to me.

i got asked out at work. for the first time in my whole year in colorado, i was asked out on a date. i could take that to mean that this year might be a good year for me to get lucky. maybe i will meet a nice guy and eat some dinners, watch some movies, do a little making out. then again, the guy who asked me out was old enough to be my father, has a bum leg, and did i mention he's old enough to be my dad?! maybe this means i'm doomed to be pursued by men who are seriously not my type this year. i want to be optimistic, but let's face it: most superstition is doom and gloom and it's hard for me to not go there. plus, i'm a little bothered by the fact that this guy thinks it's totally okay to ask me out. he either thinks i'm desperate enough to date an old guy who has no real job, or thinks i'm older than i am which kind of makes me want to die. aargh! stupid, stupid superstition. i need a handbook for this shit sometimes.

i'm going to leave it up to you to decide which it is: i'm either doomed this year when it comes to boys, or i'm just starting to get my foxy on and he accidentally picked up on my signal. you make up my mind for me, okay? after all, superstition is not an exact science. (ha! that was just about the nerdiest sentence of the year!)

p.s. not getting mail tomorrow in honor of a president i think did a seriously lousy job of president-ing is very annoying to me. i hate having my mail interrupted to start with, but for ford? i won't bitch when it's carter, but for this i will!