Thursday, May 09, 2013

hey look!

 i made this quilt for the newest baby in our family, eugene.  eugene!  i love his name, it reminds me of many great eugene's, like eugene hutz, of gogol bordello fame, and eugene mirman, who is funnier than shit.  let us not also forget eugene, oregon, home to hippies.  dear diary, i don't know why, but i fucking love hippies.  i married one, i love nutritional yeast, and just this week i made my own eczema cream out of organic shea butter.  the baby, by the way, looks amazing in tie-dye.  so we were meant to be!
this was a project i really wanted to be secret, so not mentioning this thing anywhere was torturous.  especially because i was just so fond of it.  i'm glad i worked on all the quilts i did before this one; the pinwheels, clowns and finished asian quilt top got me back in fighting shape, so to speak.  i'm still not great at bindings, which i consider to be a necessary evil, but the rest of this came out so beautifully.  i loved the fabric, i loved just cutting things out and winging it, and the whole time i was thinking of a cute baby boy in illinois with chubby cheeks.  i'm proud of how this turned out, and it made me so happy to think of the new family getting it.  i know, that's mushy, but oh well.  i can't be a nihilist all the time, i guess. 

today i signed the girlchild and i up for a continuing education class at the local community college.  it's a month long, monday night class, basic drawing and sketching.  i needed a refresher, and she's never taken a community ed class.  when i was her age, i was taking a ton of them.  nerdy amanda liked to take classes about short story writing, and subjected a host of patient grown-ups to a lot of anguished prose about my latest crush.  i'm sure i was insufferable.  in any case, she's excited to take a class at college, and hearing her excited! about! a! class! was worth the money it cost.  i'm also looking forward to brushing up my skills. 

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It's wonderful!