Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sleepy sleepy

but not really.  i took a nap after work (give me a break! i'd had five days off, working a whole day was a shock to my system!) and now i'm awake!

listening to X songs on the youtube's.  man, i have a huge crush on john doe.  he's dreamy, he's got a lovely voice, and in this video you can see his bare chest.  squee!  um, i'm also going to say something that is going to get me into punk rock hot water; i like exene, but i don't like her voice with john's.  don't get me wrong, she's awesome, X is awesome, but i kind of wish she didn't sound so atonal.  ahem.

i know, you know, everyone knows that "cyber monday" is BULLSHIT.  black friday, all the holiday shopping trends, also bullshit.  but...i found a pattern for this gorgeous afghan and the yarn was on sale...and dammit.  i consoled myself by thinking about how i'll use the yarn to make a family heirloom.  or something for the cat to nap on.  either is okay with me!

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