Monday, October 10, 2011


yesterday we all went to a birthday bbq for D's niece and nephew, where we ate too many ribs, giant slabs of chocolate cake, and lots of delicious nibbles in between.  i have to admit though, i felt kind of young and out of place.  my sister-in-law is D's age, but she's the youngest of her siblings, and one of her nephews is my age.  meaning everyone was a lot more grown-up than me, and wanted to talk about church and their grandkids.  not going to church or having grandkids, i was kind of out of the loop. i will also admit that this no-drinking-until-the-end-of-the-month thing i have going on kind of killed my ability to make small talk.  i suppose it didn't kill the ability so much as it thoroughly quashed any desire to chit chat about shit i don't have or care about.  that makes me sound like an irritated wife, doesn't it? (i'm not!) i know this new in-law stuff isn't going to be all sunshine and puppies, since all families are annoying in their own ways, and while i kind of understood i was marrying into a family of people who have the capital F kind of Faith that i'm not used to, i did not realize how much they would all want to talk about it.  where i come from church-y stuff is mentioned only AT church and never discussed the rest of the week.  it seems weird to talk about it in public.  as weird as peeing with the door open in bunch of a front of a strangers. yesterday D had a full-on conversation about the End Times with a man i though looked kind of mild-mannered.  while eating a piece of cake.  evidently i underestimated this man, who is freaked out about future financial and global ruin, and is able to quote all kinds of scripture. ha!

the moral of this story is this: i'm glad i always bring some knitting with me, and it's a good thing i like talking to little kids.  it is also kind of pleasant to think of 34 as being "young."


Sarah Lindahl said...

"peeing with the door open in front of a bunch of strangers" BRILLIANT! I feel the same way!

stoic & pariah said...

i've never started following anyone's blog before. i wasn't sure of the etiquette, but i thought i ought to let you know! i found your blog a few months ago when i was scouring the internet for ideas on a good place to get hitched in washington. you inspired the journey to (and eventual booking of) the rexville grange. so thanks! and now i'm following 'cause i saw the stuff you make and it's cool stuff, lady. let's be blogger friends! :)

amanda said...

awesome! i'm glad you're using the grange; we had such a good time there. seriously. and the lady that runs it is THE BEST. she smiles and the whole room lights up. i hope you guys have as much fun as we had. :-)