Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new specs

i found out just recently that my health insurance plan offers $250 a year for vision hardware (glasses or contacts!) and thought, "damn, i should use that."  i had a very nice eye exam with a nice old man, and picked out some new glasses that are dark blue with a row of rhinestones on the top of the frames.  it's such a funny little decoration; kind of random and sneaky and cute, they were was really sealed the deal for me.  plus, they are a beautiful dark blue, like old cobalt glass.  in size and shape they resemble pretty much ever other pair of glasses i've ever bought, because if anything, i am a creature of habit.  i know, HUGE surprise.  of course, as with any new pair of glasses with a brand new prescription in them, i'm also amazed at how shiny and clear everything looks.  i can't believe some of you just wake up with the ability to see, every single day.  i can't imagine! it's been so long since i didn't have to wear something on my face to be able to see.  (over twenty years, and i don't think of myself as being that old. )

i took today off because i had a floating holiday that was just hanging out.  no good reason, nothing particular to do, no big plans.  everyone is still fast asleep, i'm reading blogs and drinking coffee, waiting to see if we'll do anything today.  if we don't, i won't be too sad.  it's just nice to have a random day off! especially since the first two days of this week i spent in some pretty heavy duty training.  my brain needs a chance to digest all the new information!

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