Tuesday, September 18, 2012

book sale!

because we have so many books, i have vowed to never move again. seriously.  this is it.  if we leave this house, it will be due to an act of nature.  so of course, while i was at my mom's this weekend, i hit up the friend's of the library book sale.  here is what i bought,
  • a.s. byatt's possession: i've always wanted to read this since i read one of her books of short stories. 
  • seizing our bodies, edited by claudia dreifus: this is a book filled with feminist writings from the year i was born, 1977.  i am not ashamed to be called a feminist.  i love reading the writings of early feminists, whether they're championing our rights to vote, or trying to make sure we can have access to health care without being called "sluts." 
  • bothers and sisters, by joanna trollope: i don't know, it looked interesting. 
  • random family, by adrian leblanc: i heard about this on npr a million years ago.  then look! it arrives.  ha!
  • the devil in massachusetts, by marion starkey: like all kids born around halloween, i love all things related to that high holy holiday.  witches, goblins, ghouls, vampires, you name it.  that my mother grew up in rhode island and i had an aunt and uncle in boston piqued my interest in historical witches.  of course, when i found this book, i had to buy it.  also, the one i found had a wicked cover.  
needless to say, i'm planning on hunkering down this fall and reading.  what are you reading?


Rachel said...

My mom just sent me memoirs by one of Jackie Kennedy's Secret Service agents that I'm looking forward to getting into (I have a small obsession with the Kennedys). I'm also kind of hoping to get Bob Woodward's latest for my b-day, but that's not till November.

keiko_smiles said...

I am going to read some of my padre's books. The Dredsen File's by Jim Butcher. I am on the fourth one and I love them. I have been reading 5 series of books. Honestly I can't remember them off the top of my head of course. LOL Happy READING! =]