Wednesday, January 08, 2014

bowie be!

vicente! surprised!
it's david bowie's birthday!  so i'm listening to his albums (thanks to youtube, i can listen to the ones i don't own, like a jerk), singing along, and having a cocktail made of glitter of sass in his honor.  wait, did i say glitter and sass? i mean rum and pepsi. 

one of my tumblr idols (i have them! they are real!) got a fucking david bowie tattoo today.  she's a swoon-worthy gorgon on an ordinary day, but today she is my hero.  i immediately thought, "ooh, i could get a scary monster's era pierrot bowie tattoo!" i love all bowie's, don't get me wrong, but the sad pierrot made an impact on my psyche as a kid.  david bowie was my first crush as a kid, my first foray into tingle-town as a girl.  (too much?) he was so pretty and interesting and his songs were amazing and he had a million different versions of himself. 

as a grown woman, my love of him has only increased.  he truly is talented and funny and smart and the handsome just never ends, does it? plus, he's not afraid to try new things, to wear the outrageous, to mine our uncomfortable emotional and social depths for art.  he's remarkable.  he still makes me tingle.   

the steri-strips on my incision came off in the shower this morning.  what's underneath is a lumpy, grumpy scar.  i let it out to breathe today, but have it covered with a gauze right now because D was like, "um, that looks angry. maybe cover it up to protect it?"  i bothered my nurse sister-in-law (i have two of those, because i'm the luckiest little hypochondriac i know) about how much it still hurt today.  she pointed out, nicely enough, that a week really isn't that long, and that incision sites are often uncomfortable. i'm also a lot less numb, which is increasing my pain.  so yay! i can feel my face again, but boo! my face feels terrible and achy. 

go hit up youtube and listen to some david bowie.  have a blessed bowie birthday, and may bowie protect and keep you and yours. 

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