Sunday, April 06, 2014

working girl

i've been taking the leftover bits from my pouches and sewing them up with random bits of fabric scrap to make what i lovingly refer to as "franken-squares."  the squares are getting bigger and tonight i started to frame them in solid fabrics.  my plan is to give them some solid space to float in, because a whole quilt made of franken-squares side-by-side is too much for the eye to take in all at once.

i've also been working on new additions to the shop, like these adorable coasters.  they are truly quilted, with some flannel as the filling. they're soft, but not smooshy, if that makes any sense. i didn't want to use real batting because i didn't want them to be all big and weird. these are firm and solid, but lay nice and flat.
my truck has this weird fuel leak, too, so i couldn't really go anywhere today. don't cry for me argentina, though: you can buy fabric online.  dammit.

so spent the day listening to podcasts and sewing fabric together. i also made a delicious indian curry (everyone in my house says "oh, i hate curry" then eat it all when i make it. how can anyone hate curry? it's awesome.) and discovered my newfound love of two podcasts in particular:

  • oh no ross and carrie: in which two delightful skeptics try out religions and movements and give honest, not-asshole, feedback.  they're funny and irreverent but still super kind about the subjects of their investigations.  i love them.
  • sawbones: a wife who is a doctor, and a husband who is not, discuss medical weirdness from years past. tonight i listened to them talk about medical marijuana as well as mesmerism. i loved every minute of it. 
i literally listened to hours of radio today and sewed for miles. it was amazing. dear saturday, you were a good time.  love, amanda

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