Thursday, April 16, 2009

(insert song about chicago here)

ahh, travel. is there anything i love more than airports and buses and new places to have cocktails? in a word, no. before pop passed away, D and i were planning on going to chicago; him for a big food conference and show, and me just to tag along and get some quality hotel make-out time logged. we had been looking at tickets and hotels, but you know, stuff happened. for a while i thought i shouldn't go, that the expense was too much, and that given what's going on with my family i should stick to home. the more i thought about it, though, the more i realized a little trip might do me good. D got a scholarship to the show through his college, meaning his hotel and flight are paid for. he's splitting the cost of my ticket and hotel with me, which helps me out a lot. the show is about a month away, and so of course ticket and hotel prices were higher than the last time we looked, but overall, not by much. not enough to keep me home! we got my ticket and hotel booked last night, and i am now officially going to chicago for five days and four nights.

i'm pretty excited. more than that, really. it was hard for me to sleep last night, thinking about the stuff i want to see and do, the food i want to eat, the parks and museums and bars i want to visit. i have some cousins in town as well, and a good friend that lives in milwaukie, so i'll get to do some catching up as well. does anyone have any suggestions for things to do and see? bars you love? i'm all about doing typical tourist-y things, but i'm also all for doing more random stuff, seeing other parts of the city. i hear the weather there this time of year is spotty; it can be warm one day and cold and rainy the next, but i'm hoping we get a little more sun than not, and that part of my trip can spent lazing outside a coffeeshop, reading and drinking and watching people. i'm also excited for cable tv and hotel living. i'm telling you, if i could, i would totally live in a hotel. nothing pleases me more than tiny bath towels that someone else washes, random comforters, views of parking lots and miniature coffee pots with single serving packets of coffee to go along with them. plastic wrapped water glasses, remote controls velcroed to tvs, bibles in bedside tables. i can practically smell the disinfectant! like i said before, ahh, travel.


Anonymous said...

I love hotels too :) Glad you're getting a little break - you really deserve it!

Miss Lis said...

Do you like your bars divey? Gold Star, Inner Town Tavern, Club Foot, all in Wicker Park neighborhood. L&L Tavern on Belmont in Lakeview, Underbar on Western just north of Belmont, open til 4am, if Char or Laurel are behind the bar tell 'em Lis sent you....Green Eye on Western at Milwaukee...Like German food? Head up to Lincoln Square, dinner at Laschett on Irving Park, then head up to the Square for Spoaten on draft at Huttenbar...


Also, my dad is heading to the uk for a month next week, I think distance will be good for him, and for me, since i'll have the place to myself.

Amanda said...

WAIT! You're coming here? Email me! Email me!

Sharyn said...

Chicago has always been a home away from home for me. I particularly like the Ukrainian Village neighborhood. There's one amazing block on West Chicago Avenue that has Atomix Coffee, Rotofugi (toys + gallery) and Vigilante Press comics.

Wicker Park is cool too. Earwax Cafe, The Boring Store (McSweeney's), and I think you'd enjoy the Occult Bookstore. But Myopic is my favorite bookstore ever.

Boystown is another fun neighborhood. With The Vic's Brew and View Theater.

And there are amazing music venues all around town. Double Door, Empty Bottle, The Riviera, Beat Kitchen, The Metro, etc.

Have fun! I'm excited for you.

Joolie said...

I meant to leave you this comment last week and forgot! For touristy and awesome, I love the Green Mill on N. Broadway. Al Capone used to hang out there, and it's all atmosphere and whiskey drinks. Just don't go there on slam poetry night unless you like slam poetry.