Saturday, November 28, 2009

things about thanksgiving that were awesome

  • when i told maggie i brought her friend M, she looked up at me and said, "oh, thank you!" after that she pretty much followed her around her all day long, being sweet.
  • my mom agreed to come to D's family thanksgiving on sunday! i was honestly not expecting that. she'll get to meet her future in-laws and i will get to prove i wasn't raised by wolves. win win!
  • the bulldog won the non-sporting group at the national dog show!
  • the kid's and D waved at santa with me at the end of the macy's parade. i know it's terribly hokey, but in my family you have to wave at santa at the end of the parade or else you can count on a horrible holiday season. we are strangely supersitious about that sort of thing.
  • the kid's watched the parade with me! they've never done that before. i'm sure parts of it they didn't dig, but they indulged me.
  • getting new books to read from mom's collection. that's one thing i love about going home, going through the book pile for new things to read.
  • AND at D's family celebration, there were EIGHT kinds of pie. eight! dear diary, i love pie.

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Sharyn said...

Hooray! We didn't have eight kinds of pie but we did have three pecan pies, a pumpkin pie, two kinds of chocolate mousse pie, homemade mini donuts, apple crisp, and more.