Tuesday, January 12, 2010

things that will automatically endear you to me

or, i knew i liked you for a reason:
  1. you like to take naps. this applies to toddlers, cats and dogs, and friends. although with some folks, we don't nap together so much as we nap in the same room. my co-worker and i plot out our nap schedule early in the day, which is one reason we get along so well.
  2. you like to knit/sew/crochet/make stuff. maybe you like to make stuff i can't, like bicycles or souffles, or woodcut illustrations, which means i like you even more and hey? can you show me how to do that?
  3. you are a nerdy teenager with a questionable haircut. for some reason, i am a sucker for this. if you are a goth teenager, watch out, because i will try to hug you and make you listen to bauhaus cds with me. they bring out the weird mama-bear instinct in me. goth kids are like catnip!
  4. you like comics.
  5. you enjoy sneaking beers or cocktails into the movie theater. honestly, just about any and every movie ever made could benefit from a little whiskey or vodka poured into your soda. true story.
  6. do you wear red shoes? because those are my favorite shoes, and if you are wearing them, suddenly i find you a lot more likeable.

there's more, of course, but today i was thinking about all the things that make me more likely to decide i like a person. i started thinking about it when i was explaining to someone else why i like my job so much (hint: it has nothing to do with the actual work i do, and more to do with being lucky enough to spend my days with someone pretty like-minded).

WAIT! i forgot to add, if you like the joke, "that's what she said!" then we are automatically the best of friends. i can't believe i almost forgot.


Lisa said...

You like to read and look for books that aren't of the Danielle Steele/Tom Clancy variety.

You like a nice knit hat for those chilly days.

Rachel said...

I just bought a pair of red plaid shoes--Does that count?

milk and cake said...

plaid shoes totally count!

and lisa, you are right. i do like knitters and readers:-)

Sharyn said...

Heehee. All of the above applies to me! I took a nap in my office yesterday. I bake/cook/take photos continuously. And while I'm not a goth teenager, but there is a goth teenage girl at Parker's bowling league and I always want to hug her. I love comics. Now that I drink a little I don't mind a little tipple at a movie theater. And I'm wearing my shiny red Earth boots right now.

If only we lived closer to one another. Le sigh.