Friday, March 12, 2010

we. are. fam-il-y.

"i got all my sisters and me!"

spent a lot of time talking with both my sister and my mother tonight. there's a good reason we're all related. no matter how much i want to think i'm my own woman i know i am both a product of history and a result of it. it's funny to see how we pass it on as well...especially with my niece. she's the best reflection of us anyone could ask for. a better, sweeter, blonder version of ourselves doesn't exist. our ridiculous neurosis are also evident as well; she actually told me tonight she doesn't want to visit tomorrow because she's "covered in pimples." of course, she isn't, but she has a strange version of her physical self. my sister says she thinks goosebumps are pimples, and there's no talking her out of it. i finally convinced my niece that even if she were covered in pimples, that we're family, and we want to see her regardless.

i found out tonight that my one and only, and favorite, uncle is sick. he's got something that's not quite leukemia, as well as a funky spot on his liver. he's sick, for sure, but in good spirits. it's early in his diagnosis, and there's a good chance we can all contribute a little bone marrow or a liver lobe in order for him to feel better. i won't lie to you, it's been a little less than a year since my father passed, and this news hits me hard. i'm optimistic, but i was the same way when pop got sick, and if there's one thing i learned, it's that you can't will a person to get better. i don't believe in much, but if you want to send out good vibes for my uncle, i'll be thankful.

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