Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring forward

i keep saying i'm going to build my bookcase and move some stuff around, but it keeps not happening. instead, today i got a lot of things besides that done. i mopped the kitchen, i did a million loads of laundry, i made the bed with fresh, clean sheets, i went to costco with D, and i finished a pair of socks. those socks right up there. they're made with the leftover bits of yarn i had from all those shawlettes i made. i would have never set out to knit these socks with these colors, but i wanted to use up the leftovers, and you can never have enough pairs of socks. never. what's sick and wrong about this, though, is that now that i've finished a pair i want to cast on for another right this second. my brain is convinced that my sock needles can't just stay bare for a night or two! no, i must start a new pair right now. i'm going to do my best to resist the urge.

the bookcase might not be up, but i did get a lot more done today than i thought was possible. i was kind of making up for saturday, which i spent all hungover and stupid. i am too old for hangovers. i really can't do anything when i feel so shitty, and i did indeed feel shitty yesterday. vodka and i are friends, but we might need to take a little break. plus, i swear my mom only comes over when i'm hungover and i'm beginning to think she might think i have a problem. good times! there's nothing like a mother contemplating her daughter's possible dependence on booze.

and now my dears, i'm going to don a pair of medical gloves i swiped from work, and see if the black light i bought at home depot will show me which of my yarns are covered in mouse pee. wish me luck.

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