Monday, June 21, 2010

i think i need to buy a button maker

i've thought about it for years, i have a nice little collection going of 1 inch pinbacks, but i have a million ideas for ones i want to make. checking out the busy beaver button blog makes me want one even more, because i could do fun stuff like a button a day.

i spent a long time cleaning up my sewing/computer room. i'm not done, but it's a lot tidier in here. i got rid of clothes i wasn't wearing and probably will never wear again, i put together a box of books for the thrift store, i put some stuff on sale on ebay and amazon, and put together a pile of magazines to list as well. it felt good to make this space a bit more useable; it had gotten so cluttered just being in here wasn't that much fun. if i can get this room, and our bedroom, up and tidy, i might reward myself with a button maker. until i get things sorted though, no new crafts! or craft supplies.


Joolie said...

I love mine. I don't use it as much as I used to, but it's still nice to have when I have an idea, and I can always help friends out with band and event promo buttons. Plus it makes a very satisfying KA-THUNK when you finish the buttons, and plus, plus, plus it would make me happy to see all the buttons you were making.

milk and cake said...

i found one on ebay used; right now it's not too expensive, and i bid $125. i might have jinxed myself mentioning it, but we'll see! :-)