Saturday, October 09, 2010

pre-race jitters

tonight was the pre-race dinner for team in training runners/walkers.  a lot of the people there were very PUMPED and talking a lot about their times and stuff.  honestly, i am one of those people who just hopes i can finish without getting sick or embarrassing myself.  i thought all the talk of pre-race jitters was ridiculous. 

now of course, i should be sleeping, but am awake and a little nervous.  my fanny pack is all ready to go, my clothes are laid out, my taxi cab reservation has been made, and i know in my head i'm as ready as i'm going to get, but my brain wants to stay up and fret.  i took a few benadryls because the dogs here do make me itch a touch, but mostly to get me to sleep sooner.  i'm a dork!

the other weird thing about this is that today i already started thinking about doing this half-marathon next year.  what's become of me? 

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Rachel said...

You'll do awesome!!!