Thursday, July 14, 2011


i know it's not a completely original complaint, but goddamn i hate working for ten hours, dealing with people with shitty pants and weirdo tumors that i have to touch, only to come home and find that no one has done a fucking thing to clean up after themselves.  dishes all over the kitchen, empty cans of beer on the counters, books and papers all over the living room, you get the idea.  i don't know about you, but i find it just as exhausting to have to leave lists of things for the kids to do as clean it up myself. because seriously?! you can't see what needs to be put up away? you really like the shrill tone my voice takes when i'm irritated?

i hate hate hate being the nagging mom-person.  i hate that i feel like this. i hate that the house is trashed and no one gives a fuck.  i hate that i have to bug my husband to do anything, and now that we're married his favorite thing to do is point out how little i "contribute" financially, meaning, "i know you work all day but you don't make as much as i do, so maybe you can shut up about the dishes."  or maybe that's just what i think it means.  i know he works hard, and i know his schedule is weird and he comes home at odd hours of the day, but if it doesn't kill me to take twenty minutes to tidy things up, why should it kill him?

tonight i am going to hide in my room with the netflix and a cocktail, and everyone can fend for themselves.  the end. 


Tabitha said...

I totally get what you're saying! It's horrible coming home to a mess after a long day - I get it a lot too.

Congratulations on getting married by the way!


Cat said...

Congratulations on getting married!!!

i feel your pain... i've been off work for months and had felt like i finally got my house back in order and stuff. and my fella is gone a lot travelling for work. and its like a tornado when he comes back into town and undoes everything i did.

i am going back to work soon and already dread this happening then. i think i will hit new shrill highs.

it will all work out though, right?!