Thursday, August 01, 2013

thursday at 21 vs. thursday at 35

when i was in college, thursday nights in bellingham were all about going out.  friday and saturday were busy, don't get me wrong, but thursday was the big night because one bar did $1 pitchers, one bar did .50¢ well drinks (for only an hour, but what an hour it was!), and at another bar it was 80s night.  honestly, for $10 you could get drunk, dance your pants off, and find some nice boy to make out in a corner with.  my friends and i used to go out pretty much every thursday, sometimes getting burritos first to make sure no one drank liquor on an empty stomach.  i made out with cute boys and boys were only cute because i was full of cheap beer.  it sounds tawdry, but it was really a lot more like spin the bottle than the jersey shore.  i remember it being a little wild, very funny, but beyond some kissing not too many made it to second base or beyond.

thursday nights lately have meant a house all to myself.  D and the girlchild work on thursday nights (she babysits for one of his co-workers), the boychik is usually working or out and about (19 year old boys are an elusive group), and i get to do whatever i like.  that usually involves watching a movie no one else would enjoy, having something random for dinner, like toast, and maybe painting my nails.  it's not quite the screaming hilarity of my youth, but alone time is so rare when you are a grown-up with a family.  it feels a shame to waste it on dishes or laundry, or going out.

i will admit, though, sometimes i miss drinking those lukewarm pitchers of beer and flirting with boys and making an ass of myself on the dance floor. maybe tonight i'll put on a greatest hit of the 80s cd and dance around my house. 

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Spacebeer said...

Random dinners are really my very favorite part of a night home alone -- I'm such a grazer, and Dr. M is such a sit down planned out dinner guy.