Saturday, February 01, 2014


i used to loooooove perfume and all things scented. i used to have (and still do!) a giant perfume collection. a few years ago, though, i started becoming really sensitive to scented things.  i'd wear a perfume i had always loved, and found myself sneezing all day and ending up with a headache.  the boychik and D are also super sensitive to scents, and when i moved in with them, i had to start using unscented laundry soap and couldn't burn any scented candles. i don't know if my sensitivity to scented things came after that because i wasn't exposed to them as much, or if it would have happened anyway. it bums me out, though, because i still think a nice perfume is awesome, but i can hardly wear them. 

i dyed my hair today (which i haven't done in forever) because i'm not super fond of my grey hairs, and the smell of the dye is killing me.  ugh.  i used to love dying my hair! while i am enjoying less grey hairs and all the shine, i know for a fact that this will end up with my taking something for a headache. 

i also made a new thing with my stripe scraps!  a cuff bracelet!
one of the awesome things about my new machine is the decorative stitches.  i love this little kite tail design.
it's a simple little thing, but i think it turned out cute.

things at work are becoming stranger and more stressful, with two people leaving my department and the work of five suddenly being handled by three.  i had a good talk with my therapist about it the other day, though, and i decided that while it's okay to be stressed out, it's important that i try to go with the flow and try not to thing of too many "what if" scenarios. 

all the sewing and making stuff is also helpful.  i sold a few bags last week and it felt so good to have someone like what i made.  it's not like money is the epitome of value, but to have someone say, "i appreciate the time and work that went into this, let me trade you money for this" is still pretty satisfying.  plus, it's so much less stressful than my day job.  my plan right now is to keep making things, updating my etsy store, and try to keep a stash of stuff for selling this summer.  i'd like to do a farmer's market or two, or a craft show this year. nothing crazy, but get out there with my work. 

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Kate said...

That bracelet is adorable. You do good work!