Sunday, June 01, 2014

working girl

i made a wonky little box for my coasters. my husband liked it but was surprised i felt like they needed to be "corralled."  it's true, i'm not usually a neat freak, but making this little box was a fun experiment.   

i totally got a raise at work this week. which is weird. i mean, i knew that reviews were coming up, and i've been with the company for over 2 1/2 years now; i should know that reviews usually mean at least a tiny bump in pay. and yet, i am always surprised. always.i guess that's a good thing!

i'm putting together stock for the anacortes shipwreck festival! probably not working on that enough. i kind of spend this weekend hanging out around the house, drinking giant beers and watching tv. it was delightful.

this is the first border i'm working on for the round robin quilt.  i am not a huge fan of americana themed things (which is weird, considering how crazy about red i am), but the cool thing about this project is working on stuff you wouldn't ordinarily work on.  i made this friendship braid with the half-hexagon technique, and let me say this: cutting out the damn hexies was a pain in the ass.  next time i make one of these, i'm totally buying a hexie charm pack or something. 

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