Sunday, April 17, 2011

the evils of facebook

i broke up facebook months ago; at least i thought i did.  turns out, they never really remove your account, they just "deactivate" it, and you're still there, just looking like that asshole who never posts.  which i guess in my case, was kind of true.  it's kind of a long story why facebook became kind of an issue again, but there are things i kind of feel like i need to be paying attention to.  being a quiet and benign presence there can't hurt my parenting skills, let's put it that way.  it's not really the most terrible thing to happen to me; logging in tonight i changed my last name for the first of what i hear is going to be many times, and i got to see what kids i haven't talked to in forever are doing, and i did a little spring cleaning.  i got rid of some friends that had been only work friends (and a long time ago, at that), i pared things down to close friends and family.  my list is much smaller, and the people on there now are people who post things that are actually fun to read.  yay for that.  still, being on there makes me feel strange, and i can't tell if this will be a lasting thing, or if i'll just deactivate again.

also, i think D and i figured out what we song we want to use for our first dance today.  honestly, it came on the radio and we started talking about how awesome it was, and then i said, "hey, we could use this for our first dance."  we came home and listened to it a few more times, and i think we're decided!  we're keeping it a secret though, at D's request.  i will say this: it's not anything either of us would have thought we'd pick.  which is kind of what makes it so rad.   

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wixlet said...

Oh dear, I don't think I made the cut (I'm teasing)! I hardly use Facebook anymore but I check in with a handful of friends there from time to time. There are some I don't want to lose touch with again and occasional Facebook exchanges work well. I think you've discovered the trick - pare down the list and keep it to people you care about in real life.