Monday, April 25, 2011


yesterday, at D's family easter celebration, i announced that i would be taking D's last name.  for a while i toyed with the idea of still having a hyphen; keeping my father's last name and adding D's to it.  the more i'm with d and the kids, though, the more i think i'd like it if we all had the same last name.  we have a joke where whenever someone does something awesome, we say " Go, Team R!" like the venture brothers, which is kind of how this all started.  yesterday, when i said, "oh, i'm just going to be a r----," D's dad actually put his hand on mine, sighed and said, "thank you."  i told him after he bought me a house, i kind of thought that's the least i could do, and he said, "oh! you didn't have to do that!" and we had a good laugh and i realized i'm doing the right thing.  it makes him happy, it makes the kids happy, and i'll always be a bentley, regardless of what my last name is.

plus, only having one last name sounds kind of nice.  you spend 33 years explaining your hyphen and tell me how you feel about it. 


wixlet said...

D's family sounds so awesome. I love it that his dad appreciated your commitment to the family at large. Go Team R, indeed!

I changed my last name, too. I think that surprised a few people, though the mister has known me for so long that he still sometimes introduces me with my maiden name. When it comes to dealing with the kids' stuff, it is so, so much easier if everyone is identifiable by the same last name, from official school-related stuff to medical stuff to school volunteering stuff.

Here's a potentially sticky question that might warrant you telling me to STFU and butt out: Do you think that you'll adopt the kids after everything is official?

milk and cake said...

you know, it's funny, because both kids kind of assumed i would be adopting them after the wedding. the thing is, their mom would have to sign away her parental rights entirely, and we weren't sure if we could find her (turns out, we can!), or if she would do that. also, this sounds terrible, but the kids will do better with financial aid when they go to college if i don't adopt them. having a single parent helps out when it comes to that. it's not that i don't want to, or they aren't all for it, but it makes more sense for their mom to stay in the picture in that regard.

Rachel said...

I toyed with the idea of keeping my maiden name or hyphenating, but in the end, I moved my maiden name to be my middle name & took my husband's last name. That way, I kind of got the best of both worlds & didn't have to worry about any explanations!