Sunday, May 01, 2011


i had a bridal shower this weekend!  admittedly, i was kind of nervous beforehand.  wearing one of those girdle-type undershirts didn't help, either, but i haven't been to a party thrown for me in oh, about ten years.  i'm always nervous that it will be a weird, awkward event where no one talks and we all sit around making terrible small talk.  in fact, it's safe to say that i worry about that 75% of the time in general.  in any case, i shouldn't have spazzed out, it was awesome.  i was (am) overwhelmed with the kindness of my friends and family.  i didn't just get a lot of awesome presents (although I DID), i had a great day with people i love, and ate too much cake.  can a girl ask for more?  i think not. 

also, i'd like for everyone to know that my favorite sandwich EVER is as follows: ham, brie and fig jam on baguette.  it's been my favorite sandwich for years now, but i want you to know about it because it's the greatest thing on earth.  sweet and salty and creamy, crammed between two slices of chewy bread.  delightful! 

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