Monday, May 09, 2011

ten days left!

then i am marrying this man, even though he wears those sunglasses on a regular basis.  i can forgive him of that because OMG do you see my chins?  shit man, i've been trying to diet in order to look crazy hot in my wedding photos, but i'll be honest: stress makes me want to eat or drink beers, and both of those things involve calories i probably don't need.  i have a corset for my midsection (hell yeah!) but unfortunately, you can't get corsets for your face.  what the fuck?  oh well, this guy still thinks i'm foxy, and since he's the guy i make out with, that's good enough for me. 

we got our marriage license today, which made me all kinds of giddy and schmoopy.  (hence the photo.)  it didn't help that every lady we saw today was all "oooh, so cute! congratulations!"  while i'm anxious and busy and feel like i have a million things to do in the next ten days (um, because i DO), i can honestly say i'm happy to be going through this with D.  we also picked up all the paper and utensils and stuff for the reception, i made some more goddamn pom poms (i hate those fuckers now) and this weekend i wrote our vows and ceremony.  okay, to be honest, i only wrote the beginning part of the ceremony from scratch, the rest of it was stuff i found out there on the internet and altered.  still, i think writing the first part is commendable.  i think the fact that i'm getting so much done means that a) i'm on a roll and b) i need those beers that are making my chins looks ridiculous.   

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