Sunday, May 29, 2011

walking down the aisle music

D and i walked down the aisle to a mark mothersbaugh song from the royal tenenbaums. we used the song that etheline was supposed to use when she first tried to marry henry sherman, called mothersbaugh canon.  seriously.  i liked that it was pretty without being overly flowerly, how it was kind of like pachabel's canon, and how it came from one of my very favorite movies.  plus, the guy from DEVO wrote it, and you can't buy that kind of indie cred.

mr. mothersbaugh, we salute you! 

after the ceremony, we used mutato musizka's (mothersbaugh!) version of hey jude, along with other instrumental mothersbaugh pieces.  it was awesome.  of course, i'm biased, so you may take that with a grain of salt.   

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