Monday, May 16, 2011

diet shakes

and salads, with a side of sugar free red bull, are a girl's best friend this week.  i wouldn't really be a bride if i didn't crash diet, would i?  god, the feminist part of me is irritated, the other part of me just wants it to look like i only have one chin in my wedding photos.

we also had our first wedding kerfuffle today.  discovered the PA system we rented wasn't a PA "system" so much as it was a podium with a built in speaker.  boo!  that means it won't work with our iPod dj.  after a quick internet search, i discovered a place that will rent us the equipment for not much more, they'll come out and set it up, and then we'll take it down and bring it back.  hooray!  the kid that just called me from there was amazing; just really on top of things and relaxed and helpful.  i didn't really even have time to get my panties in a bunch, i just made some phone calls and voila! everything was fine.

i am awesome at being a bride.  true story.

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