Wednesday, May 18, 2011


if you aren't coming to my wedding, this is what you're missing.  a mighty stash of beer!

i need to clean the house today, because we are having guests.  D needs to cut his hair, i need to figure out how to curl a metric ton of my own hair (i'm thinking overnight soft rollers and hair wax? ideas?).  most everything else is done and accounted for, and if it isn't at this point, then i don't care. 

no one else will either, once we start cracking open cases of beer and bottles of wine! 

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wixlet said...

Overnight curlers sound good to me. I don't have the same kind of glorious, amazing, obviously enviable hair that you do, but that's what I'd use - and I'd leave the curlers in until the last possible moment and then pin and spray and pin and spray. I know you're going to look spectacular regardless of what you do with your hair. I'll be thinking of you and waiting impatiently for the photos!