Monday, May 09, 2011

this means i'm going to have to finish wedding decorations

my giant, procrastination aiding project, the missoni style afghan, is done!  well, the ends still need to be woven in, and i think it might benefit from blocking, but the knitting is DONE.  this took five months to complete, two or three of those months spent just looking at it and dreading the miles of stockinette stitch that were to come.  taking a break from it was the right thing to do; i think i made some more courageous color choices near the end because i'd had some time to think.  i really didn't want it to follow a pattern or the colors to be too "matchy."  in the end, this was totally worth the time, effort and cost.  (although i used knit picks wool of the andes that i bought during a sale; making all the yarn for this cost about $50!)  the blog post that started this whole thing can be found here, and my photos over on flickr can be found here.  


Sarah Lindahl said...

It is beautiful! I'm jealous of your knitting talent. All I can make is squares (or rectangles) and nothing with any kind of cool pattern. Very nice!

milk and cake said...

this was honestly just one BIG square. throw in a couple of make1 stitches and a few knit two togethers, and you have this blanket! honestly, the pattern was super easy. knitting with sport weight wool for so long was the hard part. now that it's done, i'm kind of sad i don't have a project! (except, you know, the five million wedding ones...)