Monday, May 30, 2011

i might still have a few more wedding blogs posts in store

i can't help it!  man, you work so hard at throwing a massive, hopefully kick-ass party, and then you have things to say about it afterward.  i know i set up a whole different blog for this sort of thing, but OH WELL you are just going to have to deal.

things about my wedding that i still think were awesome ideas:
  1. the blue shoes.  seriously.  it was kind of a lark; i spent most of my time looking at red ones, or glittery ones, but then the girlchild picked out her dress and it all fell into place.  
  2. wearing my dad's turquoise bracelet.  for me it was a nice way to be close to him on such an important day.  that it matched the dress the girlchild picked out, and D's tie, was kind of a happy coincidence.  or sign from god.  or kismet.  pick one and run with it!
  3. hiring the awesome genevieve to do the photos.  seriously.  we got a CD of images last night, and i spent most of today looking at them with D and being amazed.  she did such a great job of catching all sorts of little moments, and all of the photos just look so happy.  i mean, i know we were having an awesome time, but i wasn't sure that would be apparent in photos.  she let us be relaxed and have fun, and while she did give us some direction, she also went with the flow.  i've never had so much fun having my picture taken!
  4. near the end of our wedding planning (the last month before the wedding) i had to really come to terms with how i wanted things to look.  i had been getting a lot of advice from family members, and while all of it was genuine and well-meaning, some of it missed the point.  at one point i said to D, "this is just isn't how i wanted it to look," and he listened to me and said, "yeah, so let's do it your way."  it was hard to say, "no, we've got it covered!" but i'm glad we did.  our wedding wasn't a white trash celebration, but it also wasn't overly fussy.  i think the end result was personal, pretty, and relaxed, and made people feel at home.  i might be wrong (i wasn't a real guest, you know), but it seemed like people were having fun and that made me feel good.  
the only thing i would do differently would be to get my flowers two days before the wedding.  i bought mine wholesale from costco, and while they were both lovely and cost-effective, the day after the wedding they really opened up and looked amazing.  which isn't to say they looked like poop at the service, but man! the day after they were open and gorgeous.  i might also spend more time breaking in my shoes.  i don't wear heels enough to have left that for the last minute!  other than that, i wouldn't change a thing, and really?  those things did not detract from my day.  we had a good time, we saw the people we love, we ate crazy amounts of pie, and got to go home together.  sweet.  

(also! i updated the flickr set of our wedding photos with a ton more stuff.  if you are into that sort of thing, go check them out!)

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