Tuesday, August 23, 2011

home owners, in a way

everyone knows we just moved a few months ago, right after getting married.  what you might not realize is that my in-laws technically bought the house and are now our mortgage holders.  this month we finally sat down and figured out what we need to do to become honest to goodness home owners.  well, my in-laws have been figuring this stuff out, and tomorrow they finalize the paperwork with their attorney.

we thought we were pretty on the ball; while we have not been saving every penny coming in, we also haven't been throwing any huge parties or spending money on tattoos or hot rods.  talking to our folks tonight we were hit with kind of a big expense right out the door that we were not aware of.  i don't think anyone was, to be honest, and while D and i wanted to hyperventilate (OMG they want how much? when?!), the in-laws were calm and collected and assured us that they could and would wait another month for rent money.  we wanted to show them what our budget was and where our money is going every month, but you know what they said? "don't worry, we trust you.  and we know where you live." 

have i mentioned lately how much i love my in-laws?  being in this house means rent is a bit cheaper, the house is ours, our credit ratings are improving, and next year when the boychik graduates from high school, we should be in a position to be helpful parents. that feels good.  it's terrifying, but ultimately for the best.  there's no way a bank would help us out at this point in our life, and this just puts us forward a year or two (or ten).   

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wixlet said...

**I** love your in-laws. They sound so cool and so awesome.

When we bought our house I was surprised that everything worked out the way that it did. We had a window of exactly 2 months (and our house was being built - we didn't have it built but it was a spec house that was still under construction when we signed the contracts) where everything needed to fall into place. When I think back on that time, I am still amazed that we pulled it off. If we'd hesitated on any of our decisions or actions it would have fallen apart. I was very, very prepared and there were STILL things that totally took us by surprise. I think that's part of the trial-by-fire of buying a house.