Friday, August 12, 2011

things i want to do as far as the house goes

the theory behind this post is that once i make a list, and make that list public, i'll work harder to get stuff done. 
  • paint our bedroom.
  • make curtains for our bedroom.
  • make curtains for the girlchild's room.
  • the boychik needs some too.
  • how about some for the living room as well? that way we can wander around like slobs and the neighbors won't know!
  • get a futon cover for the futon.
  • buy a roku box or something so we can watch netflix on the tv.
  • we need a coffee table! or a tv stand so we can use what we're using for that now as a coffee table.
  • we also need a couch. in a serious way.
  • the girlchild needs a new bed.  this is kind of D's job; he'll be the one building it.
  • both kids need new paint in their rooms.
  • i'd like a new futon cover for our room.
this is a good start, yes? 

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wixlet said...

O yes, curtains are high on my list of things to make this week. I've taken the week off work - the last week before CX goes to second grade (!!!) - and am trying to be realistic with my goals because I don't want to feel stressed. But curtains are on the short list (not the longer list that if I were being honest is everything I'd like to get done, that's pre-kid thinking!).

I bought some tension rods to go inside the windows for sheers - your post about the nook curtains reminded me of them! - and need to sew the heavier curtains that will help with the light and heat. We have some decent blinds in the two rooms that get the brunt of the afternoon sun, but still - curtains would help when we need to open the blinds for light.