Thursday, August 11, 2011

the joys of starting stuff!

i am making a concerted effort to finish the crafty projects i have going before starting new ones.  which means i have to finish the pillowcase i'm embroidering before i can start playing with blackwork.  so far, so good.  there is just something so delightful about a new project! ugh. it's killing me! i have a million awesome ideas, all of which i want to try right this second.

also killing me is the fact that we are still living surrounded by boxes.  i know part of that is my fault, but i also know i shouldn't be the only one working on putting stuff away.  i am such a stubborn jackass at times.  i admit i can also be seriously passive-aggressive; i don't want to do all the unpacking, but do i tell my husband that i want him to do some too? that would be no.  i'm going to go upstairs right now and set a timer for twenty minutes and see what i can get done.

wish me luck! or come over and help.  i'll take either right now!

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