Friday, February 24, 2012

happy birthday

today would have been my father's 63rd birthday.  he was a handsome man, a pain in the ass, smart and funny and with a wicked sense of humor.  he liked whiskey and cigarettes and made the best omelettes ever.  he had the skinniest legs i've ever seen on a man, and often wore boots that cost more than my entire wardrobe put together.  he loved dogs, cooed at babied, and would try anything once.  he thought my mother was the hottest woman on earth.  we had a difficult relationship through my teen years, but then we went to college together and i realized he was this person, not just my pop.  while i miss my dad terribly, what i miss more is that awesome guy he was.  tonight i'm going to go have a drink in his honor and be thankful i got to know both guys, the pop he was and the man he was. 


erik98122 said...

What a fantastic tribute to your pops!

Sarah Lindahl said...

I love this! So sweet! And the picture, wow! You look like a young up-and-coming politician's wife.