Wednesday, February 22, 2012

goings on

the cat caught some sort of cold, her first. we all kind of thought something was up for a day or so, then one night i gave her some soft food (her favorite, tuna and whitefish!) and she licked it dutifully once or twice then came back over to me for a cuddle.  no cat refuses fishy goodness, so i knew then she was sickly.  it only lasted one day, but that day we all spoiled her rotten.  got her chair set up with a heating pad, gave lots of pets, cooed over her and carried her around.  the next day she was back to normal, talking up a storm and playing with hair bands and straws all over the house. 

we were all relieved she was okay.  the kids like to give me shit about being a crazy cat lady, but i know they love her as much as i do.  in all honesty, this cat is beyond spoiled. she is adored and coddled and treasured.  we all nap with her, feed her treats, play games with her, talk to her while making breakfast and if she's sitting in our laps when we have to pee, we wait as long as we can. 

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Sarah Lindahl said...

So sorry your kitty was sick! Weird! If it wouldn't kill my husband, I would have a cat. He's allergic. He would literally die if I had a cat.