Saturday, May 05, 2012

sweatpant saturday

a few weeks ago my family and i went crazy on the hanes website, and bought $80 worth of sweatpants.  i know that sounds impossible, but it's not, and you know what? it was worth every single dollar.  we all have a few pairs of insanely comfy lounging pants, we got free shipping because we bought so much, and i managed to get a bright red pair.  i'm not going to lie, i love these pants.  they are so warm and smooshy on the inside.  they're red! they're made with recycled soda bottles! can a girl ask for more? 

my sister is having her done today and i get to spend some time this afternoon with my niece.  maggie's bringing over some cartoons and we are going to lay around the house being lazy and goofing off.  i can't think of a better way to spend a saturday afternoon! in my sweats, with my niece, with some adventure time. 


Sarah Lindahl said...

Sounds glorious! I'm doing pretty much the same thing. Nice pants!

amanda said...

i would marry these pants if obama made it legal. now that's he's paved the way with the nice gays, maybe sweatpant-human marriages are next!