Sunday, June 17, 2012

beets, bears, battlestar gallactica

like dwight schrute, i love beets.  seriously.  i could eat beats at every meal and be a happy woman.  i read that they are pretty easy to grow, and do well later in the season, like now, where i live.  so last weekend i took the patch of garden that was supposed to grow squash (but never sprouted) and leveled it out and sprinkled a packet of seeds.  i covered it with a little more soil that i had lying around, and was super pleased with myself.  the next day, i realized something had been digging exactly where i put the seeds.  aaargh!  i can't imagine beet seeds being that delicious to anything.  my husband had a bright idea to start some inside and then put them out.  genius.  so here are my baby beets, that i planted literally four days ago.  they are already poking up out of the ground! so cute.  i'm going to let them get a bit bigger before i move them outside.  needless to say, i'm excited about growing some beets.

happy father's day to all my fatherly friends out there!


stoic and pariah said...

Beets! I haven't had a beet in probably over a decade. A couple days ago, I started reading this book called Jitterbug Perfume (it was written by some guy who's from everett of all places and people keep recommending it to me) and the first page was all about beets, and, THAT, in conjunction with your post, has thoroughly convinced me to work some beets into my diet. oh, and,I don't know if you have a juicer and would be tempted to juice one of your lovely beets, but, did you know that you're not supposed to drink beet juice by itself? It can paralyze your vocal chords, hahaha. It happened to my sister in law ;D teehee

Anne said...

You can start seeds in egg shells! Then you just plop the whole thing in the ground (I think I'd break the bottom of the shell before planting, though)

Anne said...

Also, I commented with the wrong password earlier that we kill our slugs with beer traps. The slugs like the super cheap beer and the boys love counting the casualties at the end of the week!