Saturday, June 30, 2012

lake chelan

just got back from spending a few days by this beautiful lake, with 75% of my people.  the boychik stayed home, i think just to make me angry, but the rest of us got out of the house and spent time together in the sun, having a great time.  this was the view from our tent every morning.  how amazing is that? today i unpack, do laundry and prepare for my sister's baby shower tomorrow.  more photos to come!


kc said...

makes me think of "kenny and linda on their way to chelan"

pretttyyyy! I'm out of it... I didn't know your sister was having another baby?

amanda said...

it's crazy! my sister is due in less than a month. she's having a boy, and i will admit, we're all pretty excited about that. we were feeling kind of low on boys, so everyone is happy we're adding another to the family! :)