Monday, January 14, 2013

love letter lists

i've been with my husband for four years now.  i know that's not a long time, by any stretch of the imagination, although it is the longest i've been with anyone.  i think anyone in any kind of long-term relationship, who made a deal in front of their whole family to stick it out until death, worries about getting bored, or worse.  all relationships have their ups and down, their crazy face smashing, tonsil hockey moments, the terminally annoyed stretches, and the whatever times.  i might be feeling a bit more romantic than usual lately because i got to spend some alone time wiht my husband for the first time in a long time this weekend.  24 hours of just the two of us!  here's my list of the things that made me happy about that:
  • we both want to make a secret door to somewhere in our house. 
  • he picked up a subscription to instructables!
  • we were watching a movie and did the same laughing bark of "ha!" at the same time.
  • he brought me home a big bag of quinoa, even though it's not his favorite thing to eat.
  • afternoon delight. yeah, i said it!
  • garden planning, and spending time together going through seed catalogs. 
i don't think the importance of spending a little alone time with your partner, just hanging out and talking, can ever be over-estimated.  more than anything, it feels good, and i think that's reason enough to pencil some in sometimes. 

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