Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this really just happened

the boychik and i are going to emerald city comicon this year!  we've wanted to go for a while, and this year i finally bit the bullet and bought tickets.  it's something i talked about with D before i did, so he would know that in january i would be spending money on that.  last friday, i bought the tickets.  i told D and he asked if i booked the hotel room too.  i said, no, i was going to do it later.  he actually said, "you should do that now, because all the hotels are going to get booked up."  so today i found a hotel about a mile away from the convention center, for only $100 a night, so i booked our room.  the conversation that followed tonight in the car went as followed:

me: i booked our hotel room today!  it had an indoor pool, and was only $99 a night. 
him: oh yeah?
me: yeah, i figured you were right i should do it sooner rather than later.
him: or you could pay me back for your half of the new computer.

SERIOUSLY?  i pointed out the conversation we had last friday, and his response was "huh, yeah."  AAARGH. 

in any case, we're going to comicon!!!  D will have to wait for my half of the computer money until next payday.  this post should make up for yesterday's extra-schmoopy one.   

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Debbie aka Cheesegirl said...

Awesome! Comic-con is so cool although it's something I've never experienced personally, just on the outside looking in...
When it gets closer to the date, call the hotel to verify everything because I heard that reservations can be 'lost' so the people have to pay the jacked up rates.