Wednesday, March 13, 2013


a position opened up at work that sounded super interesting, so i applied for it.  like every job at work, i had to take a test after the application (to show off my awesome typing skills and researching abilities) and for a week i worried about passing it.  when i was taking it, i felt okay, but then i started worrying about being dumb and maybe it felt easy because i wasn't getting the questions, etc.  my brain is a real asshole sometimes.  in any case, i passed the test and they scheduled the interview for this week.  i had it this morning, and thought it went really well.  i felt fortunate that one of the interviewers was part of my original hire interview, so i kind of already knew how she asked questions.  i won't know until next week if i got the job, but even if i don't , i'm pretty sure i didn't totally embarrass myself.  working in this new department would be a lot of fun; it's a lot more research and written communication, the pay is a bit better, and i'd be on the phones a lot less.  if you feel like crossing fingers for me, i won't be offended! 

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