Friday, March 15, 2013

keeping up with the jones'

i had the greatest conversation today with my across-the-street neighbor.  she's an older lady, with kids my age up through D's age, and a grandkid about the girlchild's age as well.  she's super nice, and i always see and her husband out working on stuff in the yard and being generally adorable.  today i ran into her when i got home, and we started talking about all the lovely weather, and i showed her what we're working on in the garden, and she was super surprised to know that i sew and knit and all that stuff.  i told her that i had my own little nook for it, and that there was pretty much always something going on over here.  she seemed super excited to hear that.  she also told me about her luck with blueberries and how she and her husband had a bumper crop last year so now i want to make my own hedgerow of blueberry bushes!  it was such a nice talk, i'm so glad she stopped to say hi today.  i really love this neighborhood.

there was also a chance i'd hear about the job as soon as today, but alas, it was not to be.  so i guess i have a few more days to worry about it!  although right now i'm trying to stay perky, and remind myself at least i didn't for sure not get it, right?  i'm still in the running for all i know!

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