Saturday, March 09, 2013

ugh, selfies

 i got new glasses!  again!  my health insurance is pretty good about glasses; i get $250 a year for hardware, so i use it.  i've said this before, and i'll say it again: when you wear glasses every day, and are a girl who likes to accessorize, then you will end up owning a lot of pairs of glasses.  there is nothing wrong with this.  these ones are ridiculous and i love them.  they were on sale at paris miki, so the frames were only $40.  for that kind of money, i can afford to look like a hipster doofus.  D calls them my "shop glasses," and he's right; if they had the bits on the side to keep splinters from flying into my eyes, they would good for wood working.  he's not a huge fan of them, but he likes my face, so he's learning to adjust.
these are the fancy, name brand pair i bought.  ray-bans! i love them because they're two tone, kind of cat's eye shaped, and a bit larger in the lens area.  i've been liking that in glasses lately.  i've worn about a billion pairs of smaller glasses, and they are cute, but sometimes it's nice to have a gigantic field of vision.  these are the ones that D actually likes, of course. 

still reading tons of comics from the convention, along with dune.  i've never actually read that, and it's come to my attention that i really should.  being at the convention also got me kind of hyped up to make more comics, so i've been trying to do more of that.  honestly, though, i have so many things going on!  the sewing/quilting, the reading, the drawing, and the hangover i am currently nursing.  someone thought vodka sounded delightful last night.  i have a pizza on the way, i'm going to watch a movie, and then maybe take a nap.  hooray!

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