Wednesday, September 25, 2013

this might sum things up nicely

today at work we had this kind of awkward impromptu pot-luck thrown for us because we built this web tool that people use at work.  the food was good, but it was a bunch of people who usually sit alone at their desks during lunch trying to talk to each other for over half an hour. 

at one point i made some joke about how my sister is a pop-tart connoisseur, and how i can always count on her to point me in the direction of awesome toaster pastries.  the peanut butter pop-tart is truly sublime.  then i mention if she's good at pop-tarts, i am good at hot dogs. then i say, "i keep thinking getting a hot dog tattoo sounds fun."

three people waste no time at all telling me what a terrible idea this is.  i tell them i've made worse decisions, and it's not like i'd get it tattooed on my FOREHEAD.  i just like hot dogs. they have happy memories for me.  a tiny hot dog tattoo some place on my body would crack me up. 

sometimes though i realize that everyone is so fucking serious and i just don't care as much. everyone spent all lunch talking about how that cheesecake looked amazing but was soooo bad for you.  yeah, sure.  BORING. cheesecake is delicious.  eating something terrible for you won't kill you.  sometimes food is pleasure and fun and some of us are fat and happy and who the fuck cares if cheesecake is fatty? is this really what we all want to talk about? how many calories are in a food? ugh. 

the long and the short of it is this: people are dumb and food is good and if you want to get a unicorn tattooed on your ass, i'll pitch in five bucks.  life is short. 


Anne said...

right on! I saw some starlet had a tiny 8 tattooed at the base of her hand, where your life line meets your wrist, and I think it's totally cute. I think a little hot dog would be totally funny on you. Weird on Aaron. Great on you!

Joolie said...

This resonates with me because I've always wanted a tattoo of a tater tot with wings, just because I can't think of a dumber tattoo. Can you? It would be so great! I still haven't screwed up the courage to get it, though.

Also, gawd, Amanda's coworkers, eat the damn cheesecake and shut up. Or don't eat it if you don't want to. The point is: shut up. People's dietary restrictions/violation thereof is the least interesting topic of conversation on the planet.

Unknown said...

Come have lunch with me! Cheesecake is my favourite food and tattoos are very cool. I will even support you if you want that hotdog tattooed right across your forehead! Some people are just no fun at all.

Unknown said...

Come and have lunch with me Amanda! No kidding cheesecake is my favourite food of all and I will support you even if you want that hotdog tattoo right across your forehead. Serious people are the worst, everyone should laugh more dammit!

Lisa Watson said...

People just don't have any sense of humor or joy or fun anymore. What's wrong with laughing at the entire crazy life/world thing?