Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hey, guess what?

i am totally, thoroughly, seriously fucking sick and tired of being asked by the boychik every five minutes why has to go camping with us this summer.  um, here's why: BECAUSE.  i think he harps on me the most because a) i have already proven myself a sucker, b) i made the mistake once of trying to answer one of his questions (which you would think would work, but it doesn't! if you don't give him the answer he was already looking forward, he will harangue you to within an inch of taking your own life!) and c) we are still establishing BOUNDARIES.  sorry about all the capitalization, but DAMN.  some things i am feeling strongly about right now.

bio-moms, even if you have shitty, terrible, annoying teenagers, at least you got chubby cheeks out of the deal and delicious baby legs to chew on.  think of this when you think of ME.

yeah, so the answer to the above question is he has to go, because he does, because this is something we do as a FAMILY.  plus, he can't be home alone for four days, as he is currently being restricted from going out with friends because he never got a job this summer.  that is sort of a long story, but the gist of it is that he can have people over, but can't go anywhere unless it's with us.  needless to say, him being stuck at home is punishing ALL of us, but sometimes as a parent you have to suffer for your art.  misery transports well, thankfully, so he'll be just as mopey out in oregon as he is in my living room.  (dear friends we are going camping with, i'm sorry, he'll probably be a jerky-jerk-face at times.  but better you should find out how awful your children will be as teens now rather than being surprised about it later! right? i'm performing a public service!  it will be less painful for you to learn it from me than learning about this stuff on the streets.)  this answer to his question is, of course, not to his liking, and he's trying hard to figure out a way of getting out of this trip.  at first i tried reasoning with him, but now i just say "because!" and change the subject or hide in the bathroom, pretending to pee.  i have actually pretended not to hear him once or twice as well, which is cheap, but effective.

i'm really looking forward to being with friends and going camping, i just hope my friends still like me after next week!  and i do actually hope that i don't kill the boy or otherwise freak out the next time he wheedles at me and tries to worm his way out of a family vacation that he will enjoy, or ELSE.  


Anne said...

If it helps, we're probably bringing our 19 yr old house guest from Flagstaff. He'll at least have one person who is a) not related and b)close to his age.

Also, T behaves exactly the same way. C's behavior is not necessarily restricted to teens. Try approaching him from a 7 yr old standpoint and see if that helps? T hears lots of "because we are a family and families ____" lately.

Anne said...

Also, I see you're reading the fountainhead! I love Ayn Rand! Yay!