Monday, August 30, 2010


evidently you are never, ever, ever supposed to let internet people you are going to be out of town.  which is why you didn't know i went to the oregon coast until just now, when i got home. 

the cat is happy to see me, which makes me happy.  we didn't leave the house too big a mess when we left, so it was nice to see a living room relatively tidy.  i had a nina simone album and a bizarro collection of stories waiting for me.  we stopped at ikea on the way home and got a ridiculously good deal on a new futon mattress for our bed in the as-is section.   it was half off!  our bed has been kind of a pain in the back, and it will be nice to sleep on something with a bit more substance.

i am a bit weary from all the traveling we did, and glad to be home where i can put a little more space between myself and bickering children.  there is nothing like a roadtrip to bring a family all close together!  hee hee...  more word and pictures tomorrow.  i had a great time, but i'm looking forward to washing some clothes and sleeping in my bed!

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