Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh, louie

how did i not know about the new FX show with louis ck?! i love louis ck! hence, i love his new show. it's terribly inappropriate for kids, though, so i watch it on hulu. it's a really, really good show. dry and terrible and raunchy and funny and sometimes exquisitely painful. are you watching it? do you love it?

while i'd like to stay home all afternoon and watch louie on my computer while eating crackers, i am instead going to be a productive grown-up. i have a bit of a longer lunch break than usual, so i'm going to go wash my car (D's car, technically) and clean it out. i love my boyfriend, but his car is full of crap and needs a vacuum, a wash, a thorough dusting and a new happy tree air freshener.

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